Develop Robust OCR Tools Inside Your Project using Tesseract Config File

July 26, 2022: We are living in a highly competitive market that requires innovation with practically every process available. Everyone from small mom-and-pop stores needing inventory to enterprise organizations trying to manage the unique bio-information of employees is looking to embrace barcode and QR code advancements.

With Tesseract Config File, you can scan images and text to immediately pull up valuable information about products, ID tags, and documents. Imagine being able to scan your company ID at an internal get-together that instantly connects you with the social media and profiles of people you want to connect more with in the future.

This kind of versatility is possible with Tesseract Config File, which fully supports .NET 5, Core, Standard, Framework, and Azure. It can even output information from scans into plain text, structure data, and searchable data. That means digitizing old files or creating new inventory features for customer interactions becomes significantly easier.

You can learn more about this project by viewing some of the available documentation at You can also download a free trial of the software at

This OCR is much better than open sourced options that often require hours and hours of your dev team trying to retrofit or debug problems. It also does not force you into a reoccurring subscription plan like Microsoft OCR Azure would need. The package comes prebuilt with an image correction that handles noise, distortion, and low-quality images and text scans. Get started today and add another excellent feature to your project that will help you stand out from the competition with Tesseract Config File.

David Boya

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