Search Engine Ranking Guarantees

If you've checked out Search Engine Optimization Services, you know that a large majority of them won't guarantee you any success in getting on the first page Google, Yahoo or Bing. Whether it's the fact that they're not confident in their abilities or they really don't care if you succeed, it's hard to say. But the fact remains that there's only one company around that has 4 search engine ranking guarantees and that company is Secure Independence Inc. in Henderson, NV. This company is so confident in their ability to get your website guaranteed Google first page positions in the search engines that they go over and above what's necessary to show you their confidence.

There is a proven performance guarantee that's unlike any guarantee you'll find anywhere within the search engine marketing community. They guarantee to charge you only 10¢ per ranking per month and only for a maximum of 1,980 rankings per month, and not a penny more, no matter how many page one rankings they achieve for you. Let's say that again because you're probably shaking your head wondering if you read that right. When you hire Secure Independence Inc. to do your search engine placement for you, you pay 10¢ per top 10 ranking per month for a maximum of $198 each month, and all other rankings they achieve for you are absolutely free. Now that's an incredible guarantee. But it doesn't stop there.

SI also has a low monthly fee ceiling guarantee. This means no matter how many extra rankings are achieved each month, over and above the first 1,980 you are guaranteed to never be charged more than $198 per month.

The third guarantee is a lifetime price guarantee. When you get started with Secure Independence Inc. right away, they guarantee that no matter how much the monthly price for their seo services may go up, you will never be charged more than the $198 monthly fee that you pay for the website you submit today. In other words, you're grandfathered in to this low price and even if the price goes up any time in the future, you are locked in to the low monthly price.

The fourth guarantee from Secure Independence Inc. for the Top 10 web search engine optimization service is their money back guarantee. This is a guarantee you won't find anywhere else on the web. If you start today and the SI team doesn't get you a minimum of 1,980 top 10 rankings on the first page of Google in the first 60 days of being with their service, you'll get a full refund, no questions asked. In other words, if they can't produce the results promised, you owe them nothing for their service.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

The aim of the SI staff is to get you the best possible affordable search engine optimization with page one positions in Google, Yahoo or Bing for as many keywords and phrases as they possibly can. By using an unlimited number of key phrases and giving you 4 search engine ranking guarantees, they give you the best opportunity to be in front of potential customers, clients or patients as possible, for a price that just can't be beat. So check out the possibilities at and get this incredible team on your side so you can be front and center where your best potential customers can find you.

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