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Breaking News: Las Vegas Company Single-Handedly Breaks
the $172+ Million Dollar Per Day Monopoly Search Engines Have on
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Throw in FREE SEO
and FREE First Page Ranked Positions as a BONUS!
If You're Paying ANYTHING for Pay-Per-Click
Advertising to Drive Traffic to Your Website –
You're Paying Too Much!
One of the Greatest Advancements in Online Advertising
Since the Internet Began Has Just Been Unleashed!

Digital Full Page Display Ads

This revolutionary new proprietary method beats ALL online advertising methods that drive traffic to websites, and can give you an "almost unfair" advantage over your competition - no matter how big they are or how much money they can spend on advertising to get the best search engine positions!

CLICK HERE If you're new to online advertising and you would like to learn the beginnings of pay-per-click and why we created our revolutionary new method!

This is our "David and Goliath" story.

We've been in the business of marketing and sales since 1987.

When the Internet became commercial, we built an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency to help our clients get the best First Page Ranked positions for their websites on this new online thing called Search Engines.

NOTE: We still do SEO service to this day, but not like we used to. We used to charge for the basic SEO service package.

But with this breakthrough "Digital Full Page Display Ads" method we offer today, we now give that service away for FREE!

In our advanced testing of the "Digital Full Page Display Ads", we noticed that the Ads created such a dramatic increase in traffic, that the Search Engines began awarding those sites First Page Google Ranked Positions!

Getting First Page Ranked positions on the Search Engines for our clients is now a FREE "side effect" of our revolutionary new process!

Now if you've searched online, you found SEO companies that charge thousands monthly with NO GUARANTEED results.

When you become one of our clients for "Digital Full Page Display Ads", we GUARANTEE you will receive a MINIMUM of 2,000 First Page Google Ranked Positions within the first 60 days or WE WILL REFUND ALL YOUR MONEY!

How's that for confidence!?

Back to our story…

The challenge for the Search Engines in the beginning was finding a way to monetize their new service.

There was no money to be made in just listing free website addresses for businesses online.

The answer was Pay-Per-Click advertising.

The Search Engines realized businesses would gladly pay for preferred positions on their search results pages.

The fact is, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can be a Powerful, and Effective way to advertise your business... BUT... it can be EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!

PPC can work like crazy to send traffic (visitors) to your website!

And the reason for that is, you can control where your ad is seen based on how much money you are willing to pay every time someone "clicks" on your ad.

If you have a big enough advertising budget, you can beat out your competition for the best and highest positions on the top of the page.

This is where WE came into the picture on PPC.

As we saw the bids for positions for PPC ads rise into double digit dollars for a single click, we realized the big companies with big advertising budgets would practically obliterate the opportunity for smaller companies to take advantage of this powerful advertising media.

And, there was no way to change that, because the Search Engines have the power. They have "all the marbles," they "own" all the "real estate" - the digital space where ads get placed.

When it comes to this business advertising model, they have complete control over you and your business. They even have the power to ban you from using their PPC service!

In essence, you must comply with their rules if you want to advertise on their pages.

Eventually we started to see a pattern of the Search Engines "bullying" advertisers (especially the smaller businesses) and favoring the BIG businesses with the BIG advertising budgets who could afford to bid big amounts for the best positions. These are the companies responsible for advertisers paying as much as double dollar digits for a single click!

Medium and small businesses can't compete with giant bids for the limited number of advertising positions available on each page.

This situation created a burning desire in us to find a way to help the medium and small businesses overcome this advertising domination.

We worked for years trying to figure out a solution to the problem, but we were always thwarted because the Search Engines had complete control over their system.

We eventually concluded that we could not work within or change their system, and they certainly weren't going to let us change it! There was no incentive for them to change their system. They had a monopoly on their Search Engine, and they were taking in HUGE profits!

We had to create something completely new, something that they could not control.

We're proud to say, with the creation of our "Digital Full Page Display Ads" method - we finally did it!

It not only took years to create, but it took millions of dollars spent on testing, to not only create a system to work around them, but to create a system that can BEAT them with the ULTIMATE Pay-Per-Click advertising business model where you NEVER PAY FOR A CLICK!

You can't have a lower PPC cost than $0!

We've turned the tables on the Search Engines. With our proprietary system, now THEY can't compete with us!

(You don't have to shed a tear for them. They're still doing VERY well.)

Our original goal was to help small and medium size businesses, but our system is so unique, we also take on big company clients too. Why? Because, with our new method, the work we do for big companies, does not affect the work we do for anyone with a small or medium-sized company.

We had developed the "Holy Grail" of online traffic (and clicks) for every type and size of business, with no overlap or competition between them!

We had the goal, but it took many trials before we finally nailed it and created this system for you!

So now we can ask you...

How Many Ads Would You Like for Your Website
Where You NEVER Bid for Your Ads and
You NEVER Pay for Clicks?

As Many as Possible! Right?
(How About 10,000 Ads to Get You Started
For Less Than 2 Cents Each!?)

With Our Proprietary Methods You Get:

A MINIMUM of 10,000 "Digital Full Page Display Ads" That Advertise Your Website Exclusively and Generate...

A MINIMUM 2,000 Top Ten First Page Google Ranked Positions Within the First 60 Days - GUARANTEED! Why Pay Thousands to SEO Companies Every Month to Get First Page Ranked Positions on Google When You Get Them as a FREE Bonus with Our Service?

UNLIMITED TRAFFIC and CLICKS - FREE! With our system you NEVER pay for clicks.

Full Service and Complete SEO Search Engine Optimization - This is a must if you own your own website and you want local page one rankings, listings in Google Maps, and name recognition for your website. Our normal price for this package alone, is $150 per month, but it's included absolutely FREE!

And - We've Just Added a NEW Free Bonus!

We'll Create a Custom Video from The Content of Your Website and Post It on YouTube (The World's Second Largest Search Engine) for Even More FREE TRAFFIC and CLICKS!

Just another feature that is part of our...

FREE BONUS PACKAGES Valued at $2,543!
(Described below on this page)

You Get EVERYTHING for only $149 per month with NO CONTRACT!

That's less than $5 per day and translates to
LESS THAN TWO CENTS PER MONTH per Full Page Ad! will NEVER pay more than $149 per month no matter...
  • How many Digital Full Page Ads we create for you
  • How much Traffic and how many Clicks those Ads send to your website
  • How many First Page Top 10 Ranked Positions you get on Google (and all the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing)

Our proprietary process is so powerful that when the search engine "spiders" see all the traffic going to your site, they are practically forced to award you First Page Top 10 Ranked Positions in their search results!

Once you subscribe - there's nothing you need to do!

We take care of every detail.

CLICK HERE to see Sample Results

We Challenge You to Find A Better Way to Get More
Traffic and Clicks to Your Website AT ANY PRICE!

You will NOT find another company
that will do as much work as we do,
at the small price we charge, and with a

We can make that statement with ultimate confidence because no other
company has our Proprietary Methods - we developed them!

The best way to understand the power of our "Digital Full Page Display Ads," is to compare our "Digital Full Page Display Ads" system to one of the largest Pay-Per-Click ads program online...Google.

CLICK HERE if you would like to see the comparison between our "Digital Full Page Display Ads" system and Pay-Per-Click.

Google PPC: The average size of a pay-per-click ad is (6) inches by (1) inch. And yes, ad sizes vary.

"Digital Full Page Display Ads": Your ads are full website size!

Google PPC: You compete with other PPC clients who want the best positions and are willing to pay dearly to get the Number One position on the search results page.

You also compete with what are called Google Map Listings and you compete with what are called Natural Rankings all on that same page!

Your little pay-per-click ad can be competing with up to 20 other advertisers on the same page.

"Digital Full Page Display Ads": You have NO COMPETITION. There are no other advertisers on your page. That's why they're called "Full Page" ads.

The entire page is dedicated to the promotion of your website, and only your website. You are NOT competing with other advertisers, you do NOT have just a tiny little ad, and you do NOT have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad. ALL CLICKS ARE FREE!

Google PPC: You bid how much you're willing to pay PER CLICK to get the best position on the Google search results page. The higher bidders get the best positions.

Large companies with large advertising budgets can afford to outbid smaller companies right out of the market!

Google's in business to make money so this model works very well for them and not so well for you, if you're a smaller company with a smaller ad budget.

In addition, the average cost per click in Google Ads is between $1 and $2 on the search network. The most expensive keywords in Google Ads and Bing Ads cost $50 or more per click!

Even at the $1 per click, you'll spend $100 for 100 potential clients or customers with no guarantee they will want what you offer on your website.

"Digital Full Page Display Ads": There is NO bidding and NO competition that can beat you out! Currently you'll pay LESS THAN 2 CENTS per ad, per month. And when you become a client your price is locked in for life with our NO PRICE INCREASE GUARANTEE!

You'll never pay for future price increases, and you NEVER pay for ANY clicks -- ever! Not one click, not one hundred clicks, not a million clicks or more!

Instead of paying $1 to $2 per click (or more) with other Pay-Per-Click Advertising Programs for ONE ad, with "Digital Full Page Display Ads", you are paying only $149 PER MONTH for 10,000 FULL PAGE ADS no matter how many clicks you get to your website.

That's less than 2 cents per ad, per month -- with no limit on the clicks!

Google PPC: There's a potential hidden "trap" that the Search Engines don't like to talk about called "click fraud."

This is when someone clicks on your ad who is not interested in your website or offer, but you still have to pay the search engine for those clicks - at full price! Sometimes it's just competitors clicking on your ad to deplete your ad budget.

You could literally pay thousands of dollars in clicks, and those clicks could simply be your competitors clicking on your ad! There's no way to stop them.

There are also online "bots" (digital robots) that are automated to do just that. You could literally pay thousands of dollars in clicks, and those clicks could simply be "bots" clicking on your ad.

This type of fraud is very difficult to detect, and you can have a battle with the Search Engines to adjust your payments to offset that fraud in the form of a refund or credit.

"Digital Full Page Display Ads": This is one of the greatest features of our "Digital Full Page Display Ads."

With our "Digital Full Page Display Ads" this fraud is IMPOSSIBLE because...

You NEVER pay for ANY
clicks (ClickThroughs) to your website!

We have no competition!

There is absolutely NO COMPARISON to the power of what we have to offer.

We developed this advertising method from scratch over many years and it is exclusively proprietary to our company.

We are the only company on the planet that offers this service!

If you want this amazing online advertising advantage over all your competition, you can only get it from us, or one of our resellers.


Since we have no competition, yes, we do plan on raising our price from the ridiculously low price we're offering right now.

If you want our Proprietary "Digital Full Page Display Ads" it would be wise to order now to save money because your prices would be locked in at today's rate.

As a client you are protected with a NO PRICE INCREASE GUARANTEE!

If you order today, your price is locked in for life.

Work with a reputable company that's been in the sales and marketing business since 1987, and online since 1995.

We use only above-board, Google compliant, ethical methods to produce outstanding, GUARANTEED results.

Nowadays, you have to be very careful with whom you choose to do business.

Our impeccable reputation is VERY important to us.

We stand behind everything we do - 100%.

We don't take chances with your website - or our reputation.

Our 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ad System is set up to get you More Customers, More Clients, More Sales and More Profits. And as an added benefit, at no additional charge, you'll also get the best first page Google, Yahoo, and Bing Results possible.

If we don't perform as promised... we don't get paid!

You get verified results, confirmed with FREE monthly reports.

These reports show the Page One Rankings your 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ads achieved for you. These reports also show which search engines they're in, and the reports also show how much traffic your ads and rankings generated for you.

As an added benefit, Additional Top 10 Ranked Positions in ALL the other Search Engines are ALWAYS FREE.

Sign up TODAY and receive...

valued at $1,798!

Special Performance Guarantee #1 (Value $298)

Full Money Back Performance Guarantee!

We are so confident in our work and the Consistent Monthly Results we get for our clients, that we're proud to be able to offer you a Full Money Back Performance Guarantee!

If, for any reason, your 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ads do not achieve a MINIMUM of 2,000 Page One Rankings on Google within 60 days, we'll give you a FULL REFUND!

If we don't perform as promised, not only do we not get paid, we give you a FULL REFUND, and you get to keep all the traffic and clicks you received at no cost!

Special Performance Guarantee #2 (Value $1,500)

If your Display Ads do not achieve a MINIMUM of 2,000 Page One Rankings on Google within 60 days, you get an extra 10 Months, or a total of ONE FULL YEAR of 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ads for FREE!

This is just another way of proving how confident we are in our advertising. We want to show you that we appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to our 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ads, and show you how powerful they can be for your business.

Any way you look at it, You Win!

If your Digital Full Page Display Ads are as good as what we say they are, you win by getting More Customers, More Clients, More Sales and More Profits!

If, for any reason, your 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ads do not achieve a MINIMUM of 2,000 Page One Rankings on Google within 60 days, you get ALL your money back, PLUS a FULL YEAR of Advertising for FREE!

Sign up TODAY and you also receive...

valued at $2,543!

Special Free Offer #1 (Value $1,800)

Full Service and Complete On-Site Optimization

This is a must if you own your own website and you want local page one rankings, listings in Google Maps, and name recognition for your website. Our normal price for this package alone, is $150 per month, but it's included in this special offer at no additional charge!

We would make sure your website pages, titles, tags, content and overall structure are optimized for your target keywords.

We would also correct code errors and warnings to give your site maximum exposure to the search engines to give you the best possible results in page one rankings for your keyword phrases.

Special Free Offer #2 (Total Value $743)

Custom Video Design (Value $395) & Yearly YouTube SEO (Value $348)

You'll get a 100% FREE Custom Video created from the content of your website, and posted on YouTube!

Your New FREE Custom Video is designed, Search Engine Optimized and maintained to send even MORE FREE TRAFFIC to your website!

You get this Custom Video Absolutely Free, as one of our valued clients, when you subscribe TODAY!

Don't let your competition jump ahead of you!

Get Started TODAY!

Are You Already Promoting Your Website,
or Are You Currently Locked in a Contract?

No Problem! We can help you too.

Your 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ads will improve on any promotion you currently have going with your website. In addition, they will improve any search engine rankings you currently have.

Guaranteed Google First Page

As an added "FREE Extra Benefit" for clients using our 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ad System, they received...


Dentist - Edward R. - Philadelphia - 12,164
Pest Control - Steven S. - Nevada - 16,148
Home Repair - John L. - New York - 7,114
Online Gifts - Frank S. - Alabama - 19,960
MLM - Robert J. - Michigan - 16,400
Towing Service - Glenn G. - Florida - 13,980
Limo Service - Harry S. - California - 10,456
CBD Products - Marj M. - Colorado - 17,932
Plumber - Greg H. - Kentucky - 13,306
CPA Firm - Mark G. - Florida - 19,725
Electric Repair - Sonny R. - Missouri - 14,019
Carpet Cleaning - Terry D. - Oklahoma - 15,716
Family Law - Erin G. - South Carolina - 10,370
Skin Care - Loui M. - Washington - 13,770
Beauty Supply - Gloria P. - North Dakota - 11,080
Interior Design - Jody K. - Illinois - 16,374
HVAC - Joe A. - Iowa - 10,834
Storage Units - William S. - Oklahoma - 14,259
Animal Care - Adam F. - Florida - 11,631
Bike Sales - Tod B. - Mississippi - 13,139
Tattoo Shop - Stevie M. - Florida - 16,319
Financial - Jim F. - Texas - 15,017
Legal - Vern K. - Pennsylvania - 18,678
Gourmet Coffee - David M. - Nevada - 11,983
Vitamins - Stephen T. - Georgia - 11,415
Food Truck - Barry M. - Maryland - 14,934
Landscaping - Marlene M. - Minnesota - 13,141
Child Care - Carol J. - Arizona - 13,012
Courier Service - New York - 15,401
Weight Loss - Candace B. - Alabama - 10,931
Massage Therapist - Susan B. - Connecticut - 18,742
Travel Agent - Kirk D. - Colorado - 19,105
Wedding Planner - Bernadette L. - Arizona - 23,372
Seamstress - Connie P. - Indiana - 12,562
Bakery - Kendall S. - Idaho - 12,115
Graphic Design - Mitch R. - United Kingdom - 16,827
Personal Assistant - Linda G. - Washington D.C. - 10,117
Online Dating - Greg P. - New Mexico - 17,778
Event Planner - Patsy R. - North Carolina - 20,416
Tutoring - Terry F. - Singapore - 23,619
Acupuncture - Sarah B. - Canada - 22,517
Personal Trainer - Eddie S. - Vermont - 20,862
Cleaning Service - Thomas C. - South Africa - 16,428
Bed and Breakfast - Gerald K. - Kentucky - 11,528
Bridal Gowns - Constance T. - New Jersey - 17,121

Hairdresser - Andrew C. - Pennsylvania - 12,287
Insurance - Carl W. - Wyoming - 18,635
Real Estate - Diana D. - Delaware - 14,436
Catering - Donald N. - Minnesota - 18,572
Property Management - Nadine R. - Illinois - 17,362
Photographer - Ken N. - Florida - 15,593
Bookkeeping - Larry K. - Australia - 18,366
Web Design - James Z. - Ohio - 11,735
Tax Consultant - Randall W. - Maine - 14,188
Property Manager - Dan G. - Hawaii - 13,528
Home Inspector - Tom H. - Iowa - 18,890
Dog Walker - Candace H. - Tennessee - 25,373
Caregiver - Lois E. - Ukraine - 21,952
Personal Chef - Denise M. - Israel - 18,795
Electronics Repair - Vern V. - Washington - 15,638
Auto Repair - Mark F. - Vermont - 13,599
Music Teacher - Darrel C. - West Virginia - 10,521
Pet Sitting - Larry H. - Nebraska - 11,188

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. How are you able to accomplish these amazing results at such a low price?
A. Since 1987, we have spent millions of dollars perfecting the infrastructure of our operation. We own all of our networks, along with every piece of machinery. Every process and every little detail has been streamlined to make it as efficient as possible. This has been a major factor in keeping our costs low.

In addition, because our clients are happy with their results, they stay with us. Because of this, our satisfied clients have helped us be a debt free company since 1998. Keeping our overhead low, enables us to pass the savings on to you.

And finally, many of our clients send us referrals. Every business owner knows the benefits of word of mouth advertising from existing clients, and we are grateful to our clients for their referrals.

Q. What other marketing services do you offer?
A. We offer pretty much anything and everything pertaining to websites, online marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

If you are interested in the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Google Ads or (Pay-Per-Call) that appear on the first page of results, we can handle your ad campaigns for you.

Paid ads on the top of page one, along with the Natural Listings we get for you, are like insurance. You're on the first page in multiple positions, making you irresistible to your prospects.

We also offer...
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter and Google my business, Etc.)
  • Creative SEO Copywriting
  • Keyword Research and Development
  • Unlimited Keyword Promotion
  • Strategic Link Building
  • Advanced Full Page Advertising
  • Customized Network Development
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Geographic Exclusivity
Our focus is always to get your website in front of the people who need and want your products or services. That means you can relax and enjoy your free time, and all your extra profits.

Q. Can we submit keywords and phrases, and what is the quality of the phrases you generate?
A. If you have specific phrases you would like us to work on, in additional to the phrases we generate for you...GREAT! Just submit them to us when you place your order.

You can also submit phrases at any time in the future, at no additional cost.

When we generate keywords and phrases for you, we use our proprietary software to review your website content and come up with the most relevant phrases that will generate the best results for you.

Then our experienced staff meticulously goes through each phrase for accuracy.

We then send you the entire list of phrases and give you three days to make any adjustments. This way, there are no surprises.

You are in full control of the exact keywords and phrases we are working on for you.

Keep in mind... Only exact matches of your chosen keywords and phrases count towards your 2,000 page one Google minimum guaranteed phrases. Any page one rankings you get because Google made variations to your phrases, do not count toward our 2,000 minimum guarantee.

They are simply extra gifts to you at no charge.

Q. What's the deal with your company name "Secure Independence" and your website address ""?
A. When we first started out (before the commercial Internet) our business was helping people start home-based businesses. We were helping people secure their financial independence. Sounded like a natural match to us!

When we made our transition to SEO work and digital marketing, we captured the domain name "Top10orFree".

"Top10orFree" refers to the fact that we count only verifiable statistics toward your Guaranteed Page One Google Positions. And keep in mind, ALL rankings on Google or any other search engine are always FREE. Rankings on the Search Engines are just an added benefit from your 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ads.

And a few comments from our clients...
rock solid website promotion

I have worked closely with the Secure Independence staff since 2000. Over the years, I have faced traumatic experiences in my personal life. But no matter what I have gone through personally, Secure Independence has always been there for me, rock solid, in promoting my web sites. There have been times when I have needed help on important projects, and they have always been there to support me. Their customer service is the best I have ever dealt with.
-R Morello

First Page of Google

- Secure Independence Inc is an industry leader, getting clients on the first page of Google, backed by a Full Money Back Performance Guarantee.

tons of traffic

A website is no good if it does not bring in business, and these people really know how to bring you tons of traffic.
-E Copeland

Guaranteed First Page Google

- Secure Independence Inc is an industry leader, with a Full Money Back Performance Guarantee, and you pay only for proven results.

Digital Marketing with FREE search engine rankings

I have had multiple websites with Secure Independence since 2001, and no matter what idea I come up with to promote, their advertising has been able to get me more traffic and more top search engine rankings. Even if what I advertise is in a competitive market, they have still been able to bring more traffic, which creates more sales, and that translates to more profits to my bottom line. I am always happy to recommend Secure Independence to my business associates.
-M Cooper

Digital Marketing

- Secure Independence Inc is a digital marketing company that has been in business since 1987, with advertising guarantees that are unparalleled in the industry, including a Full Money Back Performance Guarantee.

personalized advertising service

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with all the web design, web hosting and advertising service you have provided us over the years. Your professional expertise and advice has been very valuable in increasing our exposure on the web. As our company has grown, we have made many changes to our sites and our advertising campaigns. We really appreciate the personal, prompt and efficient service you have always provided. Having great web sites and effective advertising campaigns has definitely increased our business more than we could have ever imagined.
-M Harding

Guaranteed Google Rankings
- Secure Independence Inc is the team to hire, if you're looking for guaranteed Google rankings, with a full money back performance guarantee on over 200 search engine friendly ranking techniques.

best advertising value

We have been working with this company for years, because they save us all kinds of money every month on promoting our website.
-L Pressley

Guaranteed First Page Placement on Google
- Secure Independence is the company to choose when you're looking for guaranteed first page placement on Google.

Your 10,000 Digital Full Page Display Ads
can make a MAJOR DIFFERENCE in your Company Profits.
In our "arsenal" of online marketing tools, we have more than 200 Proprietary Search Engine, Google Compliant Techniques we use to get you Page One Google Results for More Traffic, More Clicks, More Sales and MORE PROFITS.

That's why we can say with complete confidence...
...You will NOT find another company that will do as much work as we do, at the small price we charge, and with a FULL MONEY BACK PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE!

Get Started TODAY!

For more information contact us..

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Sales and Marketing Specialists Since 1987
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