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Conventional SEO marketing techniques
just don't cut it anymore.

There's one thing ALL SEO companies agree on...
"If your website is not listed on the first page of Google search results, when someone is looking for what you have to offer, for all practical purposes...You Don't Exist!"
Your audience and the search engines don't pay attention to old-fashioned marketing methods. If you (or your marketing company) are not up to date with the latest SEO techniques, it's no wonder people aren't finding your website and responding to your offers!

Marketing techniques and Google's algorithms that help you get rankings have really changed, and perhaps your marketing (or your marketing company) hasn't kept up.

Those who adapt and disrupt succeed. Those who don't, fail. The survival of the fittest doesn't just mean you're stronger. It also means you take the opportunity to quickly adapt and change with the times.

Our State-of-the-Art Proprietary System is the Ultimate in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our proprietary methods are like SEO on steroids!

Other companies charge thousands and never get the results we can achieve for you for a ridiculously low price.

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It's our way of introducing ourselves and the quality of our work.

The FREE CUSTOM VIDEO we create for you is just ONE of the search engine, Google compliant marketing techniques we use to get our clients traffic to their websites.

Of course, we're hoping you become a client once you see how much more we can do for your business.

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Let's be perfectly clear and up front.

We're looking for new clients who are serious
about their business and the traffic to their website.

If you're one of them, you'll recognize the value of what we offer with our Search Engine Optimization service.

You'll also appreciate the confidence we have in our work by offering a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If we do not achieve AT LEAST 1,000 First Page Ranked Positions within 60 days, you have the option to continue with our service at the low $149 per month or, we will issue you a refund of DOUBLE the amount you paid and close your account.

To be specific, the $298 you paid over those two months turns into a $596 refund and we'll part company and remain friends!

What could be more fair than that? Either way, you win!

If we fall short of the 1,000 First Page Ranked Positions, you get to keep all the traffic and clicks you received and we'll refund all the money you paid - plus an extra $298 - with no strings attached!

Guaranteed Google First Page


Dentist - Edward R. - Philadelphia - 12,164 First Page Listings
Pest Control - Steven S. - Nevada - 16,148 First Page Listings
Home Repair - John L. - New York - 7,114 First Page Listings
Online Gifts - Frank S. - Alabama - 19,960 First Page Listings
Dentist - Ismail E. - Michigan - 16,400 First Page Listings
Towing Service - Glenn G. - Florida - 13,980 First Page Listings
Limo Service - Harry S. - California - 10,456 First Page Listings
Dentist - Marj M. - Alaska - 17,932 First Page Listings
Plumber - Greg H. - Kentucky - 13,306 First Page Listings
Certified Public Account Firm - Mark G. - Florida - 19,725 First Page Listings
Electric Repair - Sonny R. - Missouri - 14,019 First Page Listings
Dentist - Asmita D. - Oklahoma - 15,716 First Page Listings
Family Law - Erin G. - South Carolina - 10,370 First Page Listings
Skin Care - Loui M. - Washington - 13,770 First Page Listings
Law - Gloria P. - North Dakota - 11,080 First Page Listings
Dentist - Sumay K. - Illinois - 16,374 First Page Listings
Real Estate - Joe A. - Iowa - 10,834 First Page Listings
Personal Injury Law - William S. - Oklahoma - 14,259 First Page Listings
Animal Care - Adam F. - Florida -11,631 First Page Listings
Dentist - Tod B. - Mississippi - 13,139 First Page Listings
Tattoo Shop - Stevie M. - Florida - 16,319 First Page Listings
Financial - Jim F. - Texas - 15,017 First Page Listings
Legal - Vern K. - Pennsylvania - 18,678 First Page Listings
Dentist - David M. - Nevada - 11,983 First Page Listings
Real Estate -Stephen T. - Georgia - 11,415 First Page Listings
Dentist - Barry M. - Maryland - 14,934 First Page Listings
Home Repair - Arlene R. - Minnesota - 13,141 First Page Listings
Criminal Law - Steve C. - Arizona - 13,012 First Page Listings
Dentist Yannni L. - New Jersey - 15,401 First Page Listings

Take Advantage of Our Low Monthly Subscription Program
  • NO Contract - Cancel your subscription at any time!
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  • A company you can trust. In business since 1987 and online since 1995.
    We don't take chances with your website - or our reputation.
    Our impeccable reputation is VERY important to us.
    All our techniques are "White Hat" - Google "Terms of Service" Compliant.
    We started creating our search engine compliant methods in 1995 and have been improving on them consistently.
    We stand behind everything we do - 100%.
  • QUALIFIED visitors to your website
    You can be sure that visitors who click on your natural search positions are the best and most qualified prospects because they typed very specific words and phrases into the search engine search box looking for what you offer.
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Keyword research is another one of the search engine, Google compliant marketing techniques we use to get you page one Google results, traffic, clicks and sales.

We do the research to determine the Keyword Phrases that will get you the most and highest Ranked Positions possible, and the most FREE Traffic (Free clicks to your website)!

Our experienced staff does extensive research, using sophisticated and proprietary search engine software to determine the keyword phrases that will make up your search engine marketing base.

The phrases we use for your first Top 10 Ranked Positions are chosen specifically to start the flow of free traffic (visitors) to your website. Our main target is first page Google ranked positions because Google is the search engine used by more people than any other. In addition, you can submit phrases at any time at no additional cost.

We take care of all the "techno-geek" stuff required to make your website "search engine friendly."

We'll focus on the technical requirements, so you can focus on your business.`

Full Page Advertising is another one of the search engine, Google compliant marketing techniques we use to get you page one results.

In the days before the Internet, your best print advertising in newspapers and magazines was a Full Page Ad. The advantage of a full page ad is that there was no competition on your page. In the Internet age, your Website is that version of a Full Page Ad.

In essence, that's what we do for you.

Here's how it works...
  1. We build a network of full-blown high quality in-bound link websites all around your main website.

  2. The websites we create include digital snapshots of pages from your main website.

  3. We do our proprietary SEO work on all the pages on every website we create. In the process, we add NEW content relevant to your website to every new page, making sure each page is search engine compliant.

  4. We then duplicate the process over and over, creating more new websites. Each page of those sites we call Full Page Ads is promoting your main website. The longer you're with us, the more Full Page Ads you will have.

  5. When anyone clicks on one of your Full Page Ads from the newly created websites, the high quality in-bound link takes them to your original website.

What does all this mean for you?

Instead of having just one Full Page Ad website working for you, with our system, you can have THOUSANDS of High Quality, In-Bound Link Full Page Ad websites promoting your products or services – 24 hours per day!

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. How are you able to accomplish these amazing results at such a low price (that gets even lower)?
A. While you will generally start seeing dramatic growth in the first 30 days, the system continually cranks out more First Page Ranked Listings like rabbits. (That's the proprietary part.)

And, of course, you're still covered with our Performance Guarantee - If we do not achieve AT LEAST 1,000 First Page Ranked Positions within 60 days, we will not only refund ALL your money, we will DOUBLE it!

One reason our costs are low is because we have streamlined every process and our clients stay with us, and send us referrals. Nothing gets us better qualified new clients than referrals from our existing clients!

Q. What other marketing services do you offer?
A. Pretty much anything and everything pertaining to websites, online marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

If you are interested in the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Google Ads or (Pay-Per-Call) that appear on the first page of results, we can handle your ad campaigns as well.

Paid ads on the first page results, along with the Natural Listings we get for you, is like insurance. You're on the first page in multiple positions making you irresistible to your prospects.

We also offer...
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Etc.)
  • Creative SEO Copywriting
  • Keyword Research and Development
  • Unlimited Keyword Promotion
  • Strategic Link Building
  • Advanced Full-Page Advertising
  • Customized Network Development
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Geographic Exclusivity
Our focus is always to get your website in front of the people who need and want your products or services, so you can relax, enjoy your free time and all the extra profits.

Special BONUS Service: Click on the following button to order your FREE Custom Video, whether you become a client or not.

Q. Can we submit keywords and phrases, and what is the quality of the phrases you generate?
A. If you have specific phrases you would like us to work on in additional to the phrases we generate for you...GREAT! Just submit them to us when you place your order.

You can also submit phrases at any time in the future at no additional cost.

When we generate keywords and phrases for you, we use our proprietary software to review your website content to come up with the most relevant phrases that will generate the best results for you.

Then our experienced staff meticulously goes through each phrase for accuracy.

We then send you the entire list of phrases and give you three days to make any adjustments. This way, there are no surprises.

You are in full control of the exact keywords and phrases we are working on for you.

Keep in mind... Only exact matches of your chosen keywords and phrases count towards your 1,000 page one Google minimum guaranteed phrases. Any page one rankings you get because Google made variations to your phrases, do not count toward our 1,000 minimum guarantee.

They are simply extra gifts to you at no charge.

Q. What's the deal with your company name "Secure Independence" and your website address ""?
A. When we first started out (before the commercial Internet) our business was helping people start home-based businesses. We were helping people secure their financial independence. Sounded like a natural match to us!

When we made our transition to SEO work, we captured the domain name "Top10orFree".

"Top10orFree" refers to the basis of our service for you that we only count the listings that are within the top 10 listings on the first page of the search engine results for your website in our verifiable statistics.

And a few comments from our clients...
rock solid website promotion

I have worked closely with the Secure Independence staff since 2000. Over the years I have faced traumatic experiences in my personal life, but no matter what I have gone through personally, Secure Independence has always been there for me rock solid in promoting my web sites. There have been times when I have needed help on important projects, and they have always been there to support me. Their customer service is the best I have ever dealt with.
-R Morello

First Page of Google

- Secure Independence Inc is an industry leader getting clients on the first page of Google backed by a Double Your Money Back Guarantee.

tons of traffic

A website is no good if it does not bring in business, and these people really know how to bring you tons of traffic.
-E Copeland

Guaranteed First Page Google

- Secure Independence Inc is an industry leader with our Double Your Money Back Guarantee and you only pay for search engine work with proven results.

top search engine rankings

I have had multiple websites with Secure Independence since 2001, and no matter what idea I come up with to promote, their advertising has been able to get me more traffic and more top search engine rankings. Even if what I advertise is in a competitive market, they have still been able to bring more traffic, which creates more sales, and that translates to more profits to my bottom line. I am always happy to recommend Secure Independence to my business associates.
-M Cooper

Search Engine Ranking Guarantees

- Secure Independence Inc is a search engine optimization company that has been in business since 1987, with search engine ranking guarantees that are unparalleled in the industry including a double your money back guarantee.

personalized seo service

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with all the web design, web hosting and advertising service you have provided us over the years. Your professional expertise and advice has been very valuable in increasing our exposure on the web. As our company has grown, we have made many changes to our sites and our advertising campaigns. We really appreciate the personal, prompt and efficient service you have always provided. Having great web sites and effective advertising campaigns has definitely increased our business more than we could have ever imagined.
-M Harding

Guaranteed Google Rankings
- Secure Independence Inc is the team to hire if you're looking for guaranteed Google rankings with a double your money back guarantee and over 200 search engine friendly ranking techniques.

best seo value

We have been working with this company for years because they save us all kinds of money every month on our search engine work.
-L Pressley

Guaranteed First Page Placement on Google
- Secure Independence Inc is the company to choose when you're looking for guaranteed first page placement on Google to increase your traffic and sales backed by a double your money back guarantee.

GUARANTEED First Page Ranked Positions for your website
can make a major difference in your company profits.

Keep in mind...
We've covered only a few of more than 200 Proprietary Search Engine, Google Compliant Techniques we use to get you Page One Google Results for MORE Traffic, Clicks, Sales and Profits.

That's why we can say with complete confidence...
...You will NOT find another SEO company that will do as much work as we do at the small price we charge and with a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Don't let your competition jump ahead of you!

Get Started TODAY!

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Sales and Marketing Specialists Since 1987
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