Secure Independence Inc.
Helping People Get More Customers,
Clients, Sales and Profits Since 1987.
Secure Independence Inc.
Helping People Get More Customers,
Clients, Sales and Profits Since 1987.

Unlimited FREE Clicks

with more than...

1,901 Natural
Top 10 Ranked Search Engine Positions
on the...
First Page of Google, Yahoo and Bing
"1,901 FREE Top Ten Ranked Positions can help you
dominate the Search Engines and drive Unlimited FREE
Targeted Traffic to Your Website.

And that can mean More Prospects, Customers,
Clients, Sales and MORE PROFITS!"

Our GUARANTEED System is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. We work to achieve 2,000 Top Ten Ranked Positions on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing to drive massive traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization Services

2. You pay only for the FIRST 99 Top Ten Ranked Positions and only $1 Per Ranked Position.

The additional 1,901
Top Ten Ranked Positions are 100% FREE

And with our Low Monthly Fee GUARANTEE...
3. You can NEVER pay more than $99 per month.

And With The Death of (PR) Page Rank,
Website (TF) Trust Flow, (CF) Citation Flow,
(PA) Page Authority and (DA) Domain Authority
Must Be Increased With White Hat Techniques
To Get Maximum Website Exposure
And Top Search Engine Rankings

NEVER Pay a Penny
for an Unlimited Number of Clicks
to your Website!

With pay-per-click advertising programs (also known as advertising search or PPC advertising programs) like Google Adwords, you pay every time someone "clicks" on your ad - whether they buy anything or not.

You could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day with PPC campaigns and never make a dime.

Even still, if your pay-per-click advertising campaigns are making you money, by all means, continue with them. Don't stop something that's making you money.

Consider the Real Value of Our "Natural"

Search Engine Services and Marketing System

While every site is different and many factors come into play, we regularly get our clients Hundreds of Top 10 Rankings on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing in their first month and often 20,000 or more clicks to their website in that first month alone.

Click here to see -> Sample SEO Results at the bottom of this page

Using just the minimum 5 cents per click most pay-per-click advertising programs charge, as few as 20,000 clicks would be equivalent to...

$1,000 in pay-per-click costs - per month!

And the "clicks" our Natural Search Engine Rankings produce have been proven to be better quality traffic than pay-per-click advertising clicks!

We do it all for only $99 per month maximum
and never a penny for all the clicks!

Affordable SEO Services

With our Affordable SEO Services, you get only "Natural" Search Engine Top Ranked Positions, also known as "Organic Rankings", in first page Google, Yahoo, and Bing positions, that cost NOTHING to bring traffic to your website.

Whether you get 100 "clicks" or 100,000 "clicks," with free search engine rankings - ALL clicks on your naturally ranked Top Ten Positions that take visitors to your website are FREE.

The most cost-effective way to drive buyers (targeted traffic) to your website.

What could be more cost-effective than no cost per click?

Natural search engine results have been proven to be more effective than pay-per-click advertising because they are trusted as "pure" results - determined to be the best choices by the search engines themselves, not because of the advertising budgets of big companies.

Our work is like...

Search Engine Optimization on Steroids!

Here's How it Works:
top 10 rankings You pay only AS the rankings are achieved. You'll pay just $1 monthly for each Top 10 Rankings achieved on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing only.

If you have 57 rankings, you'll pay $57 that month.

If you have 98 rankings, you'll pay $98 that month.

But if you have 795 rankings, or 932 rankings or 1,473 rankings...

...You'll still pay only $99

If you've searched online for search optimization or Search Engine Optimization Consultants or search engine optimization companies - also spelled search optimisation or search engine optimisation in many countries - you know how expensive a Search Engine Marketing Firm can be.

No matter how many Top 10 Rankings you have on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing - the maximum you'll ever pay is $99 per month.

ALL other Search Engine Ranked Positions achieved - in any Search Engine - are always FREE.

That's really our entire presentation in a nutshell.

You can click on the "Get Started Now!" button below (before your competition does)...

top 10 rankings

...or read further for more details.

top 10 rankings Work with a reputable company that's been in the sales and marketing business since 1987, and online since 1995.

We use only "above-board," ethical methods to produce outstanding, GUARANTEED results.

Nowadays you have to be very careful who you choose to do business with.

Our impeccable reputation is VERY important to us.

We stand behind everything we do - 100%.

We don't take chances with your website - or our reputation.

Our system is set up to give you the best first page Google, Yahoo, and Bing Results Guarantee possible.

If we don't perform as promised - we don't get paid.

It doesn't get any better than that.

You get the benefit of everything we know and everything we do
for only $99 per month - and you won't pay a penny more.
top 10 rankings Pay only for proven, verified results confirmed with FREE monthly reports.

These reports show your Top 10 Rankings, which search engine they're in and how much traffic your rankings generated for you.

top 10 rankings top 10 rankings Additional Top 10 Ranked Positions in ALL the Major Search Engines are always FREE.

You pay only $1 per month for each of the first 99 Top Ten Rankings on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. The additional 1,901 are FREE.

But also, ALL Top 10 Ranked Positions achieved in ANY other search engine other than first page Google, Yahoo and Bing are also FREE.

Top10orFree Service Features:
search engine optimization ALL the listings achieved are "Natural" Search Engine Ranked Positions.

"Natural Search Results" (also called "organic listings" or "organic SEO") are those the search engines show as the best match for the products, services or information the searcher is looking for.

search engine optimization You don't have to waste money on pay-per-click advertising!

Nothing compares to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO Search Engine services that achieve Natural Search Engine Positions and the Free Traffic (clicks) that come from those Ranked Positions.

search engine optimization QUALIFIED visitors to your website.

You can be sure that visitors who click on your natural search positions are qualified prospects, because they typed very specific words and phrases into the search engine search box looking for what you offer.

When you sign up with us there's nothing more you need to do.
We take care of every detail!

search engine optimization We do the research to determine the Keyword Phrases that will get you the most and highest Ranked Positions possible and the most amount of FREE Traffic (Free clicks to your website)!

Our experienced staff does extensive research using sophisticated and proprietary search engine software to determine the keyword phrases that will make up your search engine marketing base.

The phrases we use for your first Top 10 Ranked Positions are chosen specifically to start the flow of free traffic (visitors) to your website.

Can you submit phrases for us to work on? Absolutely!

search engine optimization If you have specific phrases you would like us to work on in additional to the phrases we come up with for you... GREAT!

If you have a list of keywords and keyword phrases you would like to submit to us for us to work on for you, you will be able to submit them to us when you place your order.

search engine optimization We take care of all the "techno-geek" stuff required to make your website search engine friendly for FREE.

We'll focus on the technical requirements so you can focus on your business.

search engine optimization Gain an almost unfair advantage to effectively eliminate as much competition as possible, making it nearly impossible for someone looking for the products or services you offer to choose to do business with anyone but you.

That's what Search Engine Marketing is all about.

Your only real competitors are the other websites on that first page.

It's been said that unless your website is within the Top 10 Positions for first page Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results, when someone is looking for what you have to offer, as far as your potential customers and clients are concerned...

You Don't Exist!

With our unique service, guaranteeing your website in the Top 10 Ranked Positions on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we are effectively increasing your online exposure and decreasing your competition.

That's the "one-two" punch of all successful marketing.

Do You Already Have Ranked Positions in the Search Engines?

Great! We can help you too.

Our system can help improve search engine ranking for any existing search engine position.

Your 2,000 Top 10 Ranked Positions in All the Major Search Engines
is like steroids to your existing ranked positions!

While search engine optimization refers to optimizing your actual website for maximum rankings, search engine ranking optimization refers to the entire range of work we do to help you get the best and most Top Ten Ranked Positions.

top 10 rankings

Sign up TODAY and receive
TWO FREE Bonuses valued at over $2,100!

1. FREE "Quick Action" BONUS! Value $198

Our normal set-up fee is only $198.

Once your account has been established, then you would pay the $1 per month for each Top Ten Ranked Position achieved in Google, Yahoo and Bing, up to the maximum $99 per month.

But if you sign up TODAY...

We'll apply the entire $198 towards your Top Ten Ranked Positions!

In effect, you'll pay NOTHING for the set-up fee and will not be charged another dollar until your entire $198 has been applied toward your first Top Ten Ranked Positions!

It's like getting TWO MONTHS FREE!

And there's...


We'll use the $198 setup fee to pay for your first Top Ten Natural Rankings. If you're unhappy for any reason after that, you may quit and we'll never charge you another cent.

Unlike companies that want to lock you in with a long-term, iron-clad contract, there is NO contract for you to sign.

We want you as a happy, satisfied client staying with us because you want to - not because you have to.

We wouldn't have it any other way.

2. FREE "Unlimited Rankings Search Engine Marketing System" Software! Value $1,997

You'll get SEO tips on how to promote your website for free and have 24-hour access to our SEO software that gives you the ability to "enhance" your website, in a way that will...

Make your website so irresistible to the search engines
that they will practically fight over themselves
to give you the highest ranked positions.

search engine optimization promotion No one knows your business better than you.

On top of the phrases we'll be using to achieve your first page Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings, you might think of additional phrases people might put into a search engine search box to find you.

With this search engine optimization tool designed to enhance the work we're already doing for you, you can add additional keyword phrases anytime you like 24/7.

In fact, with this incredible software and our System we have no competition for...
top 10 rankings What we do
top 10 rankings The way we do it, and
top 10 rankings How inexpensively we do it.

Yes, you've found the search engine site you've been looking for with Top10orFree.

Are you ready for...

1,901 FREE Top 10 Ranked Search Engine Positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Additional FREE Unlimited Top 10 Ranked Search Positions in ALL the Major Search Engines

Unlimited FREE Targeted Traffic to your website

More prospects, customers, clients, sales and MORE PROFITS for YOU

top 10 rankings

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Imagine your business listed below.

Check out these clients, their business category, and their...

Top 10 Rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing

seo services
Milton B. - Maryland
It's a joy to send clients FREE monthly reports when the report shows...
Page 1 listings because our SEO Services get reults

ranking search engine
Willie W. - California
As far as Top 10 Ranked search positions go, it doesn't get much better than
a Google Ranking, a Yahoo Ranking or a Bing Ranking with...
Best Ranking Search Engine results

search engine optimization consultants
Marshal W. - Nevada
We do ALL the research to determine the best Keyword Phrases that can get you results like...
Page one Google Rankings because our clients want the best
Search Engine Optimization Consultants

Organic Rankings
Milford L. - Florida
Effective website promotion begins with Top Rankings like...
Top Ten Organic Rankings in the 3 Main Search Engines

Top Ten Ranked Positions
Robert M. - Florida
Our proprietary search engine software makes it simple for us to achieve...
Top Ten Ranked Positions

Natural Search Results
Leah O. - California
We're effectively increasing your online exposure
and decreasing your competition when we achieve...
Natural Search Results within the First 10 Positions

best seo
Danial W. - Missouri
Organic or Natural Search Engine results are proven better than pay-per-click results.
Top 10 Rankings because the
Best SEO Work gets the
Best SEOResults

search engine optimizer
Shirley T. - Singapore
ALL the listings achieved are Natural Search Engine Ranked Positions with...
Page One Rankings because they hired us to be their
Search Engine Optimizer

seo tips
Jason M. - California
ALL other Search Engine Ranked Positions are always FREE.
But this first month this client only paid $99 for...
Top Google Rankings because of our work and ourSEO tips

Top Three Major Search Engine Results
Rich M. - Nevada
Want to know what Search Engine Marketing is all about? It's about getting...
Top Three Major Search Engine Results

top 10 rankings

search engine services
Tim K. - California
Why spend money with pay-per-click advertising like Google Adwords with...
Highest rankings because of ourSearch Engine Services

search engine optimization firm
ED R. - Arizona
With no contract required you can quit at any time. But who's going to cancel with...
Top Google Rankings because they hired us to be their
Search Engine Optimization Firm

seo search engine
Alonzo F. - Nevada
Natural Search Engine results have been proven to be more effective
than pay-per-click advertising. Keep that in mind with...
Highest page one rankings because of our
SEO Search Engine Services

seo company
James B. - California
The first step towards dominating the Search Engine in their business category with...
Top Google Listings because they hired us to be their
SEO Company

Top Ten Natural Rankings
Zeev D. - Israel
We make it nearly impossible for someone looking for your products or service
to choose to do business with anyone but you with...
Top Ten Natural Rankings in Google
and the Other Two Major Search Engines

Top 10 Rankings in Google Yahoo Bing
Ade B. - Canada
You can call them Organic Listings or Organic SEO. It's all the same with...
Top 10 Rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing

Top Ranked Positions
Marilyn C. - California
With a guarantee like, If we don't perform - we don't get paid - we work hard to get this client...
Top Ranked Positions in the Big Three Search Engines

Top 10 Positions
Vladlen Z - Ukraine
You won't pay a penny for any ASK Ranking along with...
Top 10 Positions in the 3 Leading Search Engines

search engine company
Brian D. - Nevada
More Prospects, Customers, Clients, Sales and PROFITS with...
Page 1 rankings so not only is our client happy with their results,
they want to keep us as their
Search Engine Company

guaranteed top 10 google
George A. - California
We think we're the best SEO Services Provider when we can produce results like...
Guaranteed Top 10 Google Rankings

top 10 rankings

Top Ten Positions
Cecil C. - Nevada
Paid only $99 and all the Top Ten Rankings from now on are FREE with...
Top Ten Positions in the Big Three Search Engines

Three Major Search Engines
James P. - Canada
Your quest for how to search engine optimisation is over with...
Three Major Search Engines Top 10 Rankings

Three Top Search Engines
Ed P. - Illinois
We would love to welcome you as a client and be your
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company.
Let's see if we can add your company as another client with outstanding results like...
Organic Rankings in Three Top Search Engines

ranking in search engine
Bruce C. - California
Every Ranked Position beyond the first 99 is always free with...
Highest Ranking in Search Engine results

Top 10 Rankings
Peter G. - California
Effective Search Engine Marketing looks like...
Top 10 Rankings in the Leading Search Engines

search engine optimization
Victor C. - Illinois
We're shooting for a minimum of 2,000 Top Ranked Positions for your website
and it begins with performance like...
Top Ten Listings because of our
Search Engine Optimization

guaranteed top google ranking
Azhar R. - Maryland
Search Engine Ranking Optimization doesn't get much better than...
Guaranteed Top Google Ranking Positions

guaranteed google first page
John K. - Canada
An AOL Ranking is FREE and in addition to the...
Guaranteed Google First Page Rankings

Top 10 Ranked Positions
Lisa B. - Arizona
With a reputable company like ours that's been in business for more that 22 years,
we helped this client achieve...
Top 10 Ranked Positions in the Three Main Search Engines

search engine marketing firm
Gary L. - Washington
No matter what your Page Rank or Alexa Page Rank is, with our work we can achieve...
Page 1 Rankings because we're an
Search Engine Marketing Firm

top 10 rankings

How many Top 10 Ranked Positions in Google, Yahoo, Bing
and all the other major search engines will you have in your first month?
Top Ten Ranked Positions in Google, Yahoo, Bing

As you can see, even though our goal is 2,000 Top 10 Rankings for you, they don't happen overnight.

But just imagine your business with numbers like this for just the first month!

Like we said, with our System we have no competition for...

top 10 rankings What we do
top 10 rankings The way we do it, and
top 10 rankings How inexpensively we do it.

Remember, a Guaranteed Top Google Ranking can make a major difference in your company profits. And we're talking about a Guaranteed Top 10 Google Ranking, otherwise known as a Guaranteed Google First Page Ranking.

So if you're looking for Guaranteed Google Rankings, Guarantteed Bing Rankings, and Guaranteed Yahoo Rankings, take action now!

top 10 rankings

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A website is no good if it doesn't bring in business, and these people really know how to bring you tons of traffic.

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We've been working with this company for years because they save us all kinds of money every month on our search engine work.

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Recommending this company is just about the easiest thing I've ever done because they helped me turn my business around and be successful.

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We use this company because they really do produce guaranteed top search engine optimization results, month in and month out.

"Sales and Marketing Specialists Since 1987"
Secure Independence Inc
56 El Rio Ct, Henderson, NV 89012
(702) 313-6000
Toll Free (800) 404-1234
Fax: (702) 313-9000