Bojan Nenezic Left Serbia

Bojan Nenezic, a Serbian freelance writer and internet marketer, temporarily left the country after death threats he received from members of a special police unit. The cops started stopping him on Belgrade streets at least once in a week. The last interrogation was the worst for Bojan.

A member of the special police unit said he would even shot at him in different circumstances. At the end of the interrogation, they also offered him to meet with the Serbian Minister of Police Nebojsa Stefanovic in a nearby police station later that day. It was a quite clear attempt of political pressure, so Bojan Nenezic did not accept the proposal in such circumstances. Every time, policemen were bringing groundless accusations against him during those street police checks, so they were apparently not in accordance with the law and country's constitution.

It was, however, just one of the issues he had in Serbia. The troubles started seven years ago. That was a moment when Aleksandar Vucic's political party came to power. Bojan faced various attacks and provocations on a daily basis. Unknown attackers tried to hit him with cars several times and groups of individuals attempted to harm him physically.

Different persons and members of private security companies were hired to follow him constantly in the last seven years. His communications were also under surveillance during that period. Bojan's family members, friends, and acquaintances have also faced various problems just because of the connection they have had with him. It has been quite obvious from the beginning, only the state and its intelligence services could organize such a massive campaign against Bojan.

The country's official institutions were even sometimes involved directly. They, for example, blocked his bank account entirely, and they took all the money he had there. It was clearly a prohibited act that jeopardizes him seriously because he was unable to receive any money after the blockade.

Barbara Murphy

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