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Video FAQs

All videos below are narrated by Jerry Zalenski, the President and owner of Secure Independence.

Q. What exactly is a Full Page Ad, how does it work and can you show me an example of one?

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Q. Can you show a sample of a monthly ranking report?

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Q. Can you show me an example of a monthly traffic report?

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Q. How do I know if you're the right company to hire to work on my website, so it gets more page one positions?

A. That's a great question. You probably already realize that referrals aren’t always reliable, and testimonials on websites can be faked. So how can you know for sure if a company would do a good job on your website?

Google provides a simple tool, that is extremely reliable, to help you make the right decision. It's a special site you can go to that will show errors, warnings and fatal errors within a website. Before working with any SEO company, simply take their main website address and drop it onto the verification link listed below. If that company has errors, warnings, or fatal errors on their own website, you can be certain they don't know what they're doing, and you shouldn't allow them to work on your website.

To test this, simply enter the domain name of the SEO company you want to check in the box below. If the results come up with a green bar with no errors, no warnings, and no fatal errors, you can consider them to be a reputable company.

Of course, you'll want to also find out how many years they've been in business, and check their track record to make sure they're successful.

Go ahead and test it out. Enter the name of a website you would like to test. Feel free to test our website, and by all means, be sure to test your own website to see how many issues are keeping you from getting page one positions on the search engines.

Please Note! After you enter a website and hit Generate a Report, please be patient while the report generates.

Enter Website - Example:

Q. You say your system will get me page one positions to beat my competition. If your system is so good, why don't you have more page one positions for your own website?

A. The company actually has thousands of page one rankings all over the internet, through a large network of Independent Resellers. You see, as a full service digital marketing agency, Private Labeled Resellers act as "agents" to bring business to the company. Those Resellers' websites are made to look as though they own their own SEO business, when, in fact, they are actually promoting our company's services, and our staff is doing the work.

Resellers are building full time incomes, so their identity is protected, and their page one positions help them look like the authorities in the industry. Allowing the Resellers to dominate page one rankings is one way the company works with them to help secure their income and make sure their page one positions bring in as much business for everyone as possible.

Keep this in mind. This company has been in business since 1987, with a spotless track record. Building a strong network of Private Labeled Resellers is just one way to strengthen the company and make sure it's around for years to come. It's a win/win situation for everyone involved.

Q. How are you able to accomplish these amazing results at such a low price?

A. Since 1987, we have spent millions of dollars perfecting the infrastructure of our operation. We own all of our networks, along with every piece of machinery. Every process and every little detail has been streamlined to make it as efficient as possible. This has been a major factor in enabling us to keep our costs low.

In addition, because our clients are happy with their results, they stay with us. Because of this, our satisfied clients have enabled us to be a debt free company. By keeping our overhead low, enables us to pass the savings on to you.

And finally, many of our clients send us referrals. Every business owner knows the benefits of word of mouth advertising from existing clients, and we are grateful to our clients for their referrals.

Q. I'm already promoting my website and I'm currently locked in a contract. Can your system still help me?

A. No Problem.

This System Will Work for You!

Your Digital Full Page Display Ads will not only get you Page One Positions on Google, they will improve any promotion you currently have going with your website. In addition, they will improve any search engine rankings you currently have.

Q. I have a brand new website and an older website and no one is finding either of them. Can your system help both my sites?

A. Yes.

This system is just as effective on getting page one rankings in the search engines on new sites, as it is on older sites.

Q. What other marketing services do you offer?

A. Pretty much anything and everything pertaining to websites, online marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

If you are interested in the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Google Ads or (Pay-Per-Call) that appear on the first page of results, we can handle your ad campaigns as well.

Paid ads on the first page results, along with the Natural Listings we get for you, is like insurance. You're on the first page in multiple positions making you irresistible to your prospects.

We also offer...
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Etc.)
  • Creative SEO Copywriting
  • Keyword Research and Development
  • Unlimited Keyword Promotion
  • Strategic Link Building
  • Advanced Full-Page Advertising
  • Customized Network Development
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Geographic Exclusivity
Our focus is always to get your website in front of the people who need and want your products or services, so you can relax, enjoy your free time and all the extra profits.

Q. Can we submit keywords and phrases, and what is the quality of the phrases you generate?

A. If you have specific phrases you would like us to work on in additional to the phrases we generate for you...GREAT! Just submit them to us when you place your order. You can also submit phrases at any time in the future at no additional cost.

When we generate keywords and phrases for you, we use our proprietary software to scrape your website to come up with the most relevant phrases that will generate the best results for you. Then our experienced staff meticulously goes through each phrase for accuracy. We then send you the entire list of phrases and give you three days to make any adjustments. This way, there are no surprises. You are in full control of the exact keywords and phrases we are working on for you.

Keep in mind... Only exact matches of your chosen keywords and phrases count towards your 1,000 page one Google minimum guaranteed phrases. Any page one rankings you get because Google made variations to your phrases do not count toward our 1,000 minimum guarantee. They are simply extra gifts to you at no charge.

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