8 Feb

Original Website Content

Did you write the information that’s on your website? Are the words on your site original website content? Is the copy on your site information about your business that came from you or someone on your staff? If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations. You can be counted among the dwindling number of website owners who are truly in control of their business, website owners who actually own the copy on their site.

Does it surprise you that there are business owners who didn’t have a hand in the writing of the information on their websites? Well if you think you’re surprised, wait until you hear about the website owners who assumed they bought a website with original website content, only to find out much later that there are hundreds or even thousands of other websites out there with the same exact words on them. Imagine how surprised those business owners were.

As a search engine optimization, web design and hosting company, we see this type of deceitful tactic take place all the time. A business owner is told he is buying a website with original content about his business, only to find out later that the website he purchased was not just sold to him, but it was sold to hundreds or even thousands of other people too. And all of those websites were designed with the exact same content on them.

What’s the big deal? First of all, being lied to when you hire a company to create an original website is terrible. Secondly, following the rules set forth by the search engines to get on page one of Google is something you would expect to happen when you trust a company and pay them to do a job for you.

Google has stressed for many years that original content on websites is a MUST if you want to be considered for a position on page one of Google search results. Having a company purposefully deceive you and sell you a website and SEO services that have exactly the same content as hundreds of other websites should make you furious! That’s not what you paid for, and that’s not a technique that will ever get you anywhere near the first page of Google.

If you’d like to know whether the website you purchased has content that’s shared with hundreds or even thousands of other websites out there, give the staff at Top10orFree a call at 800-404-1234. We’ll be happy to tell you exactly what to do to check whether the copy on your website is original copy and not content that’s shared with tons of other website owners.

Here’s one more thing to think about. If you’ve been lied to about the original website content that was used on your site, do you think they’re doing any SEO work at all on your site? You really have to wonder what you’re paying them for, especially if you’re not seeing any results. Visit Top10orfree.com and let us explain what a real search engine optimization company can do for you.


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