Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

- Secure Independence Inc is the company to hire for affordable search engine optimization and get more rankings, traffic, clicks and sales.

Do you offer off-site or on-site optimization?

We offer both. But to be fair to our readers who may be new to this industry, we first need to explain the difference.

Off Site Optimization

Off-site optimization is also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Off-site optimization accounts for approximately 75% of the Search Engine quality score which determines your rankings. This is the heart of our operation. This is where all our monthly work comes in. A part of the tasks include building an entire network around your main website. Other things such as building in-bound links from quality external websites, securing listings in third-party directories, press releases and content syndication to name just a few. Without off-site optimization, your site just doesn't exist. And when it comes time to off-site optimization, no one does as much work as we do for the price we charge.

On Site Optimization

On-site optimization, also known as Search Engine Registration (SER), is work that is done on the client's actual website. In a nutshell, SER refers to the range of fixes and techniques done on a website to make sure that it can easily and fully be indexed by the Search Engines. On-site optimization only accounts for approximately 25% of the Search Engine quality score. If we find issues with your website that would affect your quality score with the search engines, we will take care of them for you. And if there are any changes with the search engine algorithms which would require changes to your website, we would also take care of that for you.

Bottom line, we do what it takes to make sure all your search engine optimization needs are taken care of properly.

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