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If you’ve ever been in an affiliate program, you know that if you want to help yourself make money, you can’t really help anyone else make money – without taking money out of your own pocket. Even if you want to help your own kids make money, it can be a drawback because you’d be hurting your own income by helping them. And what if your kids want to be nice and help their kids (your grandkids) make money? With any other program, you’d make even LESS MONEY if everybody concentrated on helping the grandkids make money.

Now, you might feel like that’s okay, because in the end you’re helping your grandkids. But what if you – and everybody else you wanted to help make money – could make the exact same money you (and they) want to make on EVERY SALE THAT TAKES PLACE?

Impossible, you say? Well, with every other program out there, that’s right. But because our marketing genius is…, well, a marketing genius, he’s come up with a plan that beats every other affiliate plan we’ve ever seen. It’s a plan where EVERYONE makes 100% on EVERY SALE made by themselves AND 100% on every sale made by anyone that stems from any person that was introduced because of their initial contacts.

Now, if you’ve been with any other affiliate plan on the planet, you know that you always make less money as others bring in new affiliates. And the deeper your affiliate group goes, the less money you make. Take a look at the chart below to see an example of how our affiliate program compares to others.

(Commission numbers from other affiliate plans are just samples used for this example. Those numbers will vary, depending on the payout of any other affiliate program.)

Instead of making LESS MONEY each time a sale is made ANYWHERE below you, you make THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT that YOU told us you wanted to make – from EVERY SALE made from ANYONE stemming from your initial sale!

What does that mean for you and anyone you’d like to help? It means you can tell anyone and everyone about our affiliate program, without taking a penny out of your own pocket! You still make 100% of the money on EVERY SALE that you told us you want to make. And guess what? Everybody else will make 100% of the money they told us they want to make – on EVERY SALE made because of their initial sale!


You can’t lose a penny by sharing this affiliate program with anybody else. That means you can help your kids make money, and your grandkids make money, and your church, and your local animal shelter, and anybody else you want to help – anywhere in the country!

There is no other program we know of where you can help anyone you want and not lose a penny in the process. People helping people is what Secure Independence has been about since the day the business started. But this is the first time in the history of the company where we truly have a people helping people program where EVERYONE WINS!

We’re proud to offer this affiliate program to you, and we hope you will share this exceptional opportunity with everyone YOU want to help!

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