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Resellers Have a Variety of Services to Select
As you create an order for your client's, the cost figures add up to the right of your choices. Some choices will NOT change the price because the cost is included in a previous selection.

for First Page Ranked Positions and Massive Traffic

This service is our proprietary flagship service designed to get massive traffic to your client's website.

It's also the fastest way to get Page One Rankings for the phrases you want, and to get as much traffic as possible. The best way to do that is to get traffic from every legitimate source you can. Heavy traffic will cause your client's website to be recognized as an authority site by the Search Engines. Authority sites get them the best rankings for the phrases that bring them targeted buyers, clients, patients, visitors and sales.

With this service, each website "campaign" gets your client up to 10,000 full page ads specifically advertising their website and promoted throughout the web to advertise their site and maximize their exposure to get them thousands of Page One Ranked Positions in the Search Engines.

We can work on as many as 10,000 Full Page Display Ads per campaign.

Each Website constitutes one campaign. We can work on as many as 10,000 phrases per campaign.

A client can choose local traffic to attract local customers within a specific distance from their business.

A client can choose National exposure to attract National customers to their website.

A client can choose International exposure to attract International customers to their website.


We do complete Advanced Onsite Optimization of your client's website to meet the highest Search Engine standards. Search Engines scan all websites with "spiders" and "bots" that look for errors.

The "cleaner" the website, the more likely the Search Engines award higher ranked positions in the search results.

We also help your client get direct links to their site from the major Search Engines for specific local phrases that pertain to their business.

We help your client get their business location to appear in the search results for local maps for all the major Search Engines.

We also register your client's site with all the right online sources to give them the greatest potential to increase their online presence, so the Search Engines would recognize them over their competitors.

We can assist with the communication between your client's site and the Search Engines within the coding of their website, so they have the best potential for improving their rankings.

These coding additions would include such coding tools as, but not limited to structured data, metatags, semantics, logistics, linking, contextual linking, and embedded linking.

We can also stay on top of the continual search engine algorithm changes so their website always stays in compliance.

This is a critical option to consider for your client's website as the best possible "insurance" that their site does not get lowered in the ranking or worse yet, de-listed by the Search Engines to where they might have to start over to get listed and ranked again from scratch.


We can also enhance their business with the marketing efforts and power of social media - including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (multiplying on-site success by 3x).

We can also have an experienced social media account manager to write effective posts, gain followers, and create additional content to keep their existing and potential customers engaged on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We can also have an experienced social media expert to manage their Instagram to gain followers.

Upon your request, we can create and post images and a video about their products and services on their social media accounts each month.


You can also have us promote as many videos as your client wants us to promote on the second largest search engine in the world (YouTube), to generate even more traffic for their website.


If you like, we can create Facebook/Instagram ads and have them managed by our Social Media Experts.

We can even take care of your client's Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaigns managed by our experienced Digital Marketing Experts.


If your client's website is larger than 20 pages, please contact us for pricing.

If your client needs their current site redesigned to be more modern, we can take care of that for them.

(Hint: Things change so fast with digital marketing. Having a website makeover is probably a good idea if their site is more than three years old, or if the site is not converting visitors to buyers, clients, or patients.

NOTE: New images may need to be added to upgrade an existing website. There is usually an extra cost to get the rights to those images. Of course, we will require approval and authorization from you or your client to purchase and use these images.

If your client needs their site to be "mobile friendly", that is one of our standard procedures.

More and more people are searching on their phones than on their computers.

If your client's website is not mobile friendly, they are losing a good portion of their potential buyers, clients, or patients.

Most client's want a custom website design that only they will have, rather than a template that many other businesses may have and that is what we do for them.

If your client likes their website, but it's a template that's owned by someone else, we can redesign the site so that it becomes unique and belongs to them.

If your client likes the design of their site, but it has validation errors, we can fix the errors. Fixing code errors will help the site rank higher in the search engines?

Traditionally, we start with 2 home page mockups to start the design process.

If your client chooses one of the designs, we will develop it into their website for you. If neither of the designs suits their needs, we will supply additional mockups.

Once your client approves the design, we will program the site, add the content, and make edits with you before we make it live on the web.

When we design a custom website for your client, it's theirs - they own it. That means if they ever choose to leave, or you want us to load the site onto a different hosting account, they have the right to do that.

NOTE: We will use stock images in the mockups to show the possibilities of images in the design. If the images they choose (that we already own) do not suit your client's business well enough, there may be an additional cost for images they choose from a stock photo company outside of our existing unlimited accounts.

ECOMMERCE - Selling items online.

If your client has a variety of needs and you want a shopping cart, but they don't want to use WordPress, contact us for different options.

Your client will need to have their own merchant account solution, and will need to tell us how they want to do coupon codes, shipping and other elements so we can do a complete setup.

Your client will need to have a Secure Certificate for their website to accept orders. If their site is hosted with us, the Secure Certificate is free. If your client wants us to set up their site using WordPress, we will set up their shopping cart and load the first ten products for them.

We will show them how to add the rest of their products. If you need a bulk import solution, contact us.


Your client can have us make as many stunning videos as they want us to create to showcase their business or use as a commercial for their specific products and services.

We will take information and photos from their website and create a video for them any time they want.


If your client needs professionally written, search engine friendly content for their website, done by an SEO professional writer, we can take care of that for them.

SEO copywriters specialize in creating content that attracts the Search Engines.


If your clients are using any of our monthly marketing services, they qualify for free web hosting and a Free Secure Certificate.

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