SEO vs PPC Advertising

SEO vs PPC Advertising

- Secure Independence Inc is the search engine optimization company you want to talk to when you want to know the difference between SEO vs PPC advertising costs and results in addition to their Special Performance Guarantee.

Do you know the difference between SEO vs PPC Advertising? Many people have no idea which is the best way to advertise their website. So let's clear up a few things that will tell you whether it's better for you to pay every time someone clicks on your online ad or whether it's better for you to use search engine marketing to get the most for your advertising dollars.

Let's start with pay per click advertising. You've probably seen it every day but may not realize what it is. When you pull up a search engine like Google and put in a product or service you need, there are ads on the side and sometimes on the top for companies that offer the products or services you're looking for. Those companies have paid to advertise in those spots. And they don't just pay once, they pay every time someone clicks on their ad. Now depending on the industry you're in and the competition for your product or service, clicks can go for anywhere from a few pennies to as high as $50 or more per click. And remember, that's not just once that you pay the fee, you pay every time someone clicks on that ad for as long as your ad is active.

If you're a smart business owner, you can probably already see that paying every time someone clicks your ad and goes to your website can turn into a very expensive endeavor. In fact, if you're in a highly competitive field, like computers or cell phones, you may find that your advertising budget can be eaten up almost immediately each day by competitors who simply have a crew of people clicking on sites of their competition. Yes, that seems unfair, but in the world of pay per click advertising, it happens all too often. That's one of the biggest reasons many website owners prefer to use affordable search engine optimization to get page one Google rankings for their site and put it in front of the right group of customers, clients or patients.

You see, seo marketing deals with the listings you find on the left side of the page in the organic or natural rankings section of search results. Once you gain a position on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing in the natural results, it costs you nothing, not even a penny, every time someone clicks through to your website. Obviously, if you are in one of the competitive fields where people are searching for your products or services hundreds or even thousands of times a day, being in a top ranking on Google in the organic results is the place you want to be.

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That's where Secure Independence Inc. comes into play. They are a website marketing company that guarantees to get you on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing with an unlimited number of keyword or key phrases. And remember, when you're in the organic rankings, there is absolutely no extra charge to you no matter how many times customer, clients, patients or even your competition clicks through to your website. So if you're looking for more sales and more profits, look into to see the real difference between SEO vs PPC Advertising. With a low monthly fee and 4 incredible guarantees, Secure Independence Inc. search engine optimization can't be beat.

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