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Features and Benefits of Our Revolutionary
"Infinite Affiliate Commissions™" Program

We GUARANTEE You've Never Seen an Affiliate Program Like This!

We Had to Invent It!
You've Never Seen an
Affiliate Program Like This!

We Had to Invent It!

We Don't Set Your Commission - You Choose the Commission You Want to Make!

When you become an affiliate and go to your account page, you will see the "Base Price" you are starting with.

The Base Price is the wholesale price for our service. That's the lowest price you can offer our service for, and therefore there is no commission built in for you at this point.

To establish your commissions, YOU ADD the amount of money you want to earn on every purchase... to the Base Price. That's your new price that ALL our websites will sell our services for you. The commission amount you choose is your profit.

Keep in mind, our service is a monthly subscription - you earn the commission you choose - every month - as long as the client remains a subscriber. That's your Recurring Monthly Commission.

For example: If you choose a $100 monthly commission, you would be making a total of $1,200 per year from anyone who purchases our service. If you choose a $200 monthly commission, you would be making a total of $2,400 per year from that ONE client, every year, automatically.

As you can see, it wouldn't take very many subscribers to make a serious, full-time income, even if you only wanted to work at it part-time!

But it gets EVEN BETTER than that, as you'll soon see.

You Can Change the Amount of Commission for Future Sales at Any Time, Directly in Your Affiliate Account!

This feature allows you to test different prices until you find the "sweet spot" that makes you the most money. A price too high may bring you fewer results, and you may find that you make more money and get more clients at a lower price.

Access Your Affiliate Account 24/7 to Check Your Balance and Request a Check!

Most Affiliate Programs pay your commissions monthly (and in some cases, weekly).

With our Affiliate Program you can initiate your payments "on-demand" by simply going to your account to check your balance and request a check be sent any time!

Create Your Own "Special Promotions" to Encourage More People to Purchase Our Services!

As an example, because you are able to set your own commissions, you could re-contact prospective clients to let them know there is a pending price increase that can be avoided if they "take action quickly." Remember, you are in control of your commissions, so you can "put services on sale" any time you wish, simply by adjusting your own commissions accordingly.

NO Personal Selling or Experience Required!

In fact, we prefer you NOT try to "sell" our service, but simply send the prospect to our website with your Personal Affiliate ID and let the website and our 24/7 staff do the selling for you. We will be happy to answer any questions, to help avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Again, our experienced staff will do the selling for you. After all, they know this program inside and out, so they're well qualified to help you.

You do not need sales experience. You just need to make the contact in any way you like: through social media, an email, a call, an ad, a postcard, regular mail or in person. You can hand out business cards or create flyers and postcards to leave with your prospects.

Affiliate Protection - Two Ways!

One: If you refer someone and they go to our website through your Personal Affiliate ID (which is free), they are locked in with your Affiliate ID. If they do not subscribe right away and come back later to subscribe, they are reserved for you. So whenever they decide to subscribe, you will earn your commission.

If another affiliate contacts this same perspective client, and they become a subscriber through that person's Affiliate ID, YOU will still earn that commission, and not the second person who made the referral - because you were the FIRST one to contact them and our system SAVED them for you!

So, it behooves you to make as many contacts as you can, before another Affiliate "locks up" that prospective client.

Two: If a prospective client tries to ignore your Affiliate ID by leaving the ID off the URL, (hoping to eliminate your commission), our system will not allow them access to the website. They can only access the offer by clicking on the FULL LINK that includes your Affiliate ID, insuring your monthly income.

Extra Added Affiliate Protection Option!

Our standard Affiliate ID is a free "extension" added to the end of our standard domain names.

Even though it's a "long shot," if someone types in your link incorrectly, what they typed could be a different Affiliate's extension.

If that happened, the prospective client would be sent to that Affiliate's page, not yours, and would automatically be assigned to that Affiliate permanently through our automated system.

Your best option to prevent this from happening would be to take advantage of our service to obtain a completely new domain name for your Affiliate Link, so you do NOT need to add your Unique ID extension at the end.

Your domain name would be a unique URL that only goes to your sales website. It cannot be mistaken, so it is your best protection against losing any potential clients.

We would set up your website and the secure certificate. We would manage and maintain your website and renew your domain annually to be sure it is never lost.

This service costs only $5 per month, and is cheap "insurance" for your commissions, especially if you're planning on doing heavy promotion for our services.

Once you become an Affiliate, you'll be able to take advantage of this feature.

Our Revolutionary
"Infinite Affiliate Commissions™" Program!

Here's how it works:

When you become an Affiliate and are assigned your new Unique Affiliate ID, you can begin sending prospective clients to your Unique Affiliate ID linked homepage - the one that has your unique price (that includes your commission).

The sales presentation on this page is designed to show prospective clients all the services we provide to help them grow their business.

Your primary goal is to refer your prospects, so they become new clients with our company. If they subscribe to our service, you earn Monthly Recurring Commissions (in the amount you chose).

Because of the "Affiliate/Resellers" option shown in the navigation bar on this website, as you promote and refer our service, some visitors will see that link and be attracted to the money-making opportunity being offered.

Whether a prospective client purchases a subscription or not, they can still take advantage of our Affiliate Program.

If a prospect chooses to take advantage of our Affiliate Program (even if they do not purchase any of our services), you will also earn commissions on their clients who purchase our service.

With the Affiliate option prominently displayed on the homepage, as you promote our service, you could INADVERTENTLY and AUTOMATICALLY be building a huge amount of Affiliates you do NOT need to manage. Everything is automated through our system.

You could end up building an army of Affiliates who may or may not purchase our service themselves, but simply promote our services. And when any of them refers someone who buys our service, those Affiliates get paid... and YOU GET PAID YOUR FULL MONTHLY RECURRING COMMISSION, TOO!

Let's say a new CLIENT also likes the idea of earning Monthly Recurring Commissions and signs up to become an Affiliate, just like you.

Their next step is to choose the commission they want to earn from every sale, just like you did.

The price YOU chose becomes their Base Price. Then they add the amount of commission THEY want per sale, to your price. That becomes THEIR price.

Example: YOU added $100 to the Base Price shown in your affiliate account, and that established your price.

Your price becomes the Base Price for the new Affiliate who just signed up through you.

Now, your new contact adds $50 (or any other amount they want) to THEIR Base Price (which was your price).

In this example, when the new Affiliate who signed up through you refers someone who buys our service, they would earn their $50 Monthly Recurring Commission...


This happens automatically! There's nothing YOU need to do!

The Affiliate who signed up through you earned their commission, and YOU effortlessly earned your FULL Monthly Recurring Commission - without any extra effort on your part!

Even though you did not have anything to do with the purchase, you were responsible for introducing the original Affiliate to the program, and because of that, a purchase was made.

Of course, no money is earned unless a subscription is purchased.

With This Revolutionary Affiliate Program,
You Have TWO Ways to Make Money!

One: You earn a Monthly Recurring Commission when you refer someone who purchases our service.

Two: You earn the SAME Monthly Recurring Commission when any Affiliate who signed up ANYWHERE among all your Affiliates, refers someone who purchases our service. No other company offering an Affiliate income has anything like this!

Of course, we could stop here, and most Affiliates would be very happy with our Program. But that's not our style.

Here's the Mind-Blowing Trademarked Part of Our
Revolutionary "Infinite Affiliate Commissions™" Program

"Multiple Streams of Income"

When your first new Affiliate signs up under you, this Affiliate starts your first stream of potential income.

When they refer someone who purchases our service, they earn their Full Monthly Recurring Commission and you simultaneously earn your Full Monthly Recurring Commission!

When a new Affiliate signs up under your first stream, that new Affiliate is the first stream to them and the second-tier stream to you.

As new Affiliates come on board, they are added to each stream. And each one of the new Affiliates - ANYWHERE throughout your multiple streams, will add the commission THEY want to earn to their Base Price.

Over time, as Affiliates have more Affiliates sign up under them, your streams will continue to grow - and so can your monthly AUTOMATIC recurring income!

Here's the Mind-Blowing Part!

Here's the
Mind-Blowing Part!

Every time a new Affiliate signs up because of your referral, you are starting a new stream.

Anytime ANY Affiliate in any of your streams refers someone who purchases our service, they earn their Full Monthly Recurring Commission and YOU simultaneously earn your FULL Monthly Recurring Commission!

Example: One of your streams has grown to 10 Affiliates deep - any time, any one of those Affiliates refers someone who purchases our service - they earn their Full Monthly Recurring Commission and - YOU simultaneously earn your FULL Monthly Recurring Commission!

Example 2: If all 10 of the Affiliates in this example referred someone who purchased our service the same day, YOU WOULD EARN TEN NEW FULL MONTHLY COMMISSIONS on that day alone!

In this example, if your chosen commission is $100, you just earned a $1,000 Monthly Recurring Commission, and your Affiliates did all the referring!

Example 3: If you had 25 Affiliates who referred others who purchased our service the same day, YOU WOULD SIMULTANEOUSLY EARN TWENTY-FIVE NEW FULL MONTHLY COMMISSIONS on that day alone!

That would translate into a new $2,500 Monthly Recurring Commission from your Affiliate's referrals!

If you think that's Mind-Blowing - Check This Out!

There is NO LIMIT how many streams you can have! It's Infinite!

There is NO LIMIT to how many new Affiliates that can be added to any one of your streams! It's Infinite!

Theoretically, you could be earning FULL Monthly Recurring Commissions from purchases made in your streams, 10 or 15 (or more) Affiliates down.

Being an "Infinite" Program, the possibilities are endless - and exciting!

There's never been anything else like it!

Feel Free to Think Outside The Box...

With the Power of Our System,
there's NO LIMIT to What You Can Do,
the Money You Can Make,
or the People You Can Help.

Feel Free to
Think Outside The Box...

With the Power of Our System,
there's NO LIMIT to What
You Can Do,
the Money You Can Make,
or the People You Can Help.

  • Pay All Your Bills and Debts
    Have extra cash every month to get out of debt and get ahead, with NO PERSONAL SELLING!

  • Make Extra Money to Give Away
    Generate extra monthly income to help others!

  • Charitable Organizations
    Your favorite Church, Charity, Group, or Organization can sign up as an Affiliate and earn commissions directly!

  • Help Save Homeless Animals
    Show people how to help animal shelters with MONTHLY RECURRING COMMISSIONS!

  • Pay College Tuitions With Affiliate Commissions
    Pay off college debt, or start college funds for your children or grand children!

  • Pay For Medical Insurance
    Pay family insurance, and take care of elderly parents with the money you earn as an Affiliate!

  • Retire in Style
    Travel the world using money you made as an Affiliate/Reseller!

  • No Limit on How Much Money You Can Make
    ...with our revolutionary new FREE Affiliate/Reseller Program!
TIP: Even though you never need to manage or train new Affiliates, it's a good idea to help them in any way you can, because every time a new Affiliate signs up under you, you are effectively DUPLICATING YOURSELF!

If the methods you are using to get people to buy our service are working, it would be smart to share those methods or techniques with all of your Affiliates, because YOU GET PAID YOUR FULL MONTHLY RECURRING COMMISSION when any of your Affiliates refer others who purchase our services!

With this revolutionary new business model, it is very likely that you will make more money from active Affiliates you have signed up under you, than you could possibly make yourself.

You're only one person, and that's your limitation. There are only 24 hours in a day, and your Affiliates can earn you (and themselves) commissions while you're sleeping.

Now imagine only 10 Affiliates you have signed up under you, working as hard, or harder than you, ALL earning you your Full Monthly Recurring Commission on every purchase that is made!

Now imagine 20 or 50 (or more)!

It won't happen overnight, but the long-term possibilities are very enticing!

Disclaimer: We do not make income predictions or guarantees. Your earnings (if any) are and will always be based on your efforts.

The dollar amounts we've used in the examples above are "Pro Forma," meaning "If this event happened, this is how much money in commissions would be paid."

With our "Infinite Affiliate Commissions Program," you are limited only by your own ambition.

Click Here To register as an Affiliate/Reseller (100% Free - No Cost or Obligation)



A Reseller is someone who wants to make a larger commitment and promote our services through their own website or personal contact. With your own private labeled business/website, you as the Reseller, service each client directly.

As a Reseller, you have an Unlimited Earnings Opportunity because you can mark up the price of our listed services to any price you like. You keep the difference between what you pay us for our service, and what you charge your customers. These are your profits.

Instead of handing out your company unique ID link as an Affiliate, you would hand out your website domain name or company name and marketing materials (business cards, brochures, price lists, etc.).

Your Clients DO NOT Deal with Secure Independence Directly!

YOU are the company and their contact exclusively.

You are the company selling the services.

We become your "wholesale vendor" doing the actual work.

You are responsible for answering your client's questions, and send them the monthly reports you receive from us. Your name would appear on their report, as though you were the actual company providing the service.

You deal directly with us, placing your orders for the desired services you are selling to your clients.

As a reseller, you have no mandatory quotas and can resell our services through your website or with other marketing tools or methods.

Click Here To register as an Affiliate/Reseller (100% Free - No Cost or Obligation)

As a Member of our Referral Network,
you are also eligible for these benefits:

Access to even more commissions!

As a member of our Affiliate/Reseller Program, you are eligible to earn commissions from purchases your clients or referrals make from any of the websites in the Secure Independence Network. If any of your clients or referrals purchase any other products or services offered on any of the other Secure Independence websites, you'll automatically earn commissions on those purchases.

Access to Print a Commission Check Whenever YOU Want!

Unlike other companies that pay commissions once a month or once a quarter, as a Member, you can request a commission check anytime you want one.

Note: All commissions are paid by check to members living in the United States. In addition, there is a $10 processing fee, so always check your account balance to make sure it is worth requesting your check.

If you live outside the United States, there is no processing fee, but you can only apply your commissions to any of your monthly purchases.

It Pays to be a Member of the
Secure Independence Affiliate/Reseller Program!

Click Here To register as an Affiliate/Reseller (100% Free - No Cost or Obligation)

For more information, contact us.

For more information,
contact us.

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