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Subjects like History-Civics deal with intensive theory details and offers a lot of knowledge to the students. The theoretical nature of the subjects sometimes makes it hard for students to learn and understand. The textbooks for these subjects are not enough for the students to learn from as some of the topics and chapters are not explained completely and just vaguely touched. Having access to a secondary study material can help the students in order to understand the subject. Many websites are available on the internet that helps students get access to the study material for all the subjects of all classes but these websites are often not reliable and students might end up wasting a lot of their time learning from these websites. Extramarks-the learning app is one of the first and most reliable sources for learning online. The app has a plethora of interactive learning tools that help students learn and understand their subjects better. The contents of the app are easy to navigate and the users face no problem in searching through the app. The app has study material for all the subjects and the students can focus on every subject individually. The study material and the learning guide on the app have been curated by expert teachers. The app also consists of new-age learning solutions like multimedia learning where the students can learn from various audiovisual options. The multimedia study material is delivered by expert academicians and students can benefit from it. The multimedia lessons are also engaging and let students stay more attentive for a longer period. The app also lets students test their knowledge with the help of various tests available on the app. Options like History-Civics ICSE question papers for class 9 and all the other classes are available on the app. The papers are available for all the subjects and students can individually work on the subjects they feel under-confident about. Extramarks also gives students access to many other test papers like sample papers, practice papers, previous year question papers, etc. The app caters to all the academic requirements of the students and helps them become better learners. The app has helped over six million students and has encouraged them to become self-reliant learners. Extramarks can prove to be the best learning companion that the students can have. Students can become complete learners with the help of textbooks, teachers, and Extramarks.


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