Expert Analysis on the Root Causes of Systemic Risks in Banking

Atlanta, GA - Shamina N. Burch, PhD, a renowned expert in executive coaching, economy, and industry analysis, has announced the release of three groundbreaking eBooks: Lessons from the 2023 Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank: Identifying the Root Causes and Systemic Risks, Executive Coaching for Women in a Digital World, and Executive Coaching for Women.

With years of experience in the consultation industry, Shamina Burch is passionate about raising awareness of the systemic risks in the banking sector and empowering women to succeed in leadership roles. These eBooks offer valuable insights and practical advice to readers who want to learn more about the inner workings of the industry and how to thrive in a digital world.

Shamina is calling on media outlets to support this important cause by sharing information about the eBooks and encouraging readers to purchase them. In return for their support, Shamina is committed to sharing their content on your social media channels,

The eBooks are available for purchase on her website and Barnes and Noble , and Shamina encourages readers to leave reviews and share their thoughts on social media. By supporting this cause, readers can help promote financial literacy and gender equality in the workplace.

Shamina Burch

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