MYLA IN Launches Soft Skills Program for its Vendor Empowerment

After the global pandemic has shaken the economy, it's high time to reinvent the skilling of the employees of the firm. Taking a significant on this front, the home services start-up has launched a special Soft Skills Training program for digital empowerment of its employees, blue-collared workers, and gig staff. They conduct these training programs every weekend. With a mission to empower grass-root service providers digitally and transform the way services are delivered to the customers, the Dehradun-based start-up actively tries to turn the dream of Digital India true.

To date, has trained over 1,000 service providers by imparting them a soft-skills training program over zoom and google meet. also provides self-help videos that explain some common in-person meeting etiquette like greetings, general introduction, service explanation, Covid etiquette, etc. which helps to build trust and rapport with the service provider and customers.

Speaking about the program, Ankit Rathi, Refrigerator repair, said, It is amazing working with They have an encouraging and supportive leadership team and their soft skills training program along with tutoring videos have really improved my communications while engaging with clients. It is definitely a place where I have learned and grown professionally.--

Commenting on the launch, Amit Kulchand, Founder & Director, said is working to empower the vendors and staff with soft skills, etiquettes, developing easy resolutions for customer issues, and other life skills to make sure that they meet the requirements of the jobs of the future. In this initiative, is putting in efforts to proactively develop and implement new-age, sustainable skill development programs via interactive training sessions by integrating digital solutions for scalability. This is one of our efforts directed at answering the Prime Minister's call to help the nation achieve the 5 trillion-dollar dream by 2025.--

The approach of the founders of is to empower the unorganized service providers of India with the end-to-end digital capability of their own. In this regard, they are aiming not only for the domestic market but also for the global market.

The timing of the announcement coincides with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for expediting the skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling of people to survive and grow in this cut-throat competition through the Skill India Initiative. Declaring skill development of the new generation a national need, he called skilling the foundation of Aatmnirbhar Bharat.

About MYLA.IN is a home services start-up aiming to bridge the gap between individual and small-scale service providers and customers looking for quality service. With a mission to empower grass-root service providers digitally and transform the way services are delivered to the customers, actively tries to turn the dream of Digital India true.


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