What It Takes To Start A Career As A Live In Carer

Humans are naturally caring, which is why it's no surprise that this has become a profession. A live-in carer is someone who likes looking after other people. They find satisfaction in it, and it makes them feel it is greatly rewarding to give people a better quality of life. If you feel strongly about this, then start a career as a caregiver.

Frequently asked questions

What does a caregiver's typical day look like?

You can opt to be a live-in caregiver or work at a nursing home. Those who work at a nursing home have a more structured routine, whereas live-in carers have a more flexible schedule. Since you live in the customer's home, you are tasked to take care of them 24 hours daily. One of the benefits of working as a live-in carer is that you don't have to pay anything else, including rent and utilities.

How many hours will you be expected to work?

elder live in care jobs are expected to work anywhere between 7 days a week with 2 hours off every day or 3 weeks work with 1 week off. The number of hours you will work will always depend on the client. Of course, both sides must agree to the set terms before you are officially hired.

What are some of the challenges of a live-in carer?

Each customer will have specific needs that you need to attend to. Some of the challenges of being a live-in carer is attending to complex care needs. At times, you may feel isolated and naturally miss your friends and family since you are living with your customer, which is why it's important to make the most out of your time off.

What is the most rewarding part about this job?

Stemming from the previous point, the list of pros trumps the list of cons should you plan to be a live-in caregiver. Some of the most rewarding things about this job include making a real difference in the life of people. Thus, if you're looking for a career path that gives you this satisfaction, call ConsultUs at +44(0)1732 355 231.

What characteristics should you possess?

When it comes to applying for elder live in care jobs, there are some characteristics and qualifications that you should possess. You should be naturally compassionate and patient. You have to have vast amounts of empathy because you will support people trying to regain their confidence despite old age.

Another thing to keep in mind when taking live-in carer jobs is that you should be prepared to put your social life on hold while you're on the job. Of course, certifications and experience are also necessary, but often, the experience you need involves personal care and housework.

With ConsultUs, we offer varying elder live in care jobs that are suitable and flexible to your needs. If you want to learn more about our hiring process, give us a call at +44(0)1732 355 231 or email us at care@consultuscare.com.

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