Viollis Group International Announces the Launch of Metasearch Engine

STEALTH is a privacy-focused MetaSearch engine that allows users to search the web in complete anonymity

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA ., November 21, 2022 - Palm Beach Gardens, November 15th - Global Security Consulting firm Viollis Group International announced the launch of STEALTH, a MetaSearch engine that is dedicated to privacy. When using the STEALTH search engine, users will not get ads or receive browser cookies that can track their online search activity. A metasearch engine sends a single query to several search engines and aggregates the results into one master list.

Privacy experts warn that other big tech companies are quietly compiling an alarming amount of sensitive data, including information about one's finances, medical history, political leanings, religion, and more. All this data may be leaked, hacked, shared with government intelligence agencies, subpoenaed, and used to influence opinions, among other concerns. That is probably why a 2019 Pew Research Center survey showed that 81 percent of people in the U.S. say the potential risks from data collection outweigh the benefits.

To learn more about VGI, visit and begin using STEALTH at

About Viollis Group International

Viollis Group International is a global consultancy centered on validating integrity and eradicating challenging situations expeditiously. Through a cadre of uniquely trained professionals possessing distinctive skills, their ability to deliver generally unavailable information and challenging solutions to a wide range of matters is both proven and reliable. Regardless of the client demographic, solutions are reflected in peace of mind.

Julie Mitchell

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