SelecTech Positions PolyStyle as End of Year Flooring Solution

Avon, MA, November 23, 2022 -- The end of the year presents a challenge to many companies looking to get facilities improvements in before the end of the calendar year. When it comes to flooring that presents even more of a challenge. SelecTech, Inc., a leader in the manufacture of innovative flooring products with long-term value and immediate benefits, offers PolyStyle Factory ESD Floor as a budget, end-of-the-year flooring solution for a variety of manufacturing facilities.

PolyStyle is a superior product that provides a cost-effective option for manufacturers and factories in need of an ESD flooring solution that can be applied with minimal down time and retain superior ESD properties,-- said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech. Since it's an epoxy, it's not dependent on the supply chain. A facility looking to put down PolyStyle could place an order and have the new floor applied within a month.--

Minimal downtime is but one part of the PolyStyle story. PolyStyle Factory ESD Floor distances itself from other epoxies in effectiveness. That starts with its composition.

PolyStyle ESD is a mutli-layer flooring system consisting of a primer/barrier coat, a conductive ground-plane coat, and a highly durable polyurethane ESD/color coat. This three-part system provides a highly reliable ESD floor system that ensures compliance with strict ESD standards like ANSI/ESD S20.20, with consistent system resistance and low body voltage generation.

Older styles of resinous ESD flooring systems are often inconsistent and often fail ESD audits. PolyStyle uses the most advanced conductive additives to ensure that the finished floor has the most uniform electrical properties throughout the entire floor that are guaranteed for the life of the floor,-- said Ricciardelli. This gives flooring superior static control properties from the top layer through the bottom.--

PolyStyle Factory ESD Floor is used for warehouse, factory, and other sensitive working environments. Its benefits include: Withstands high-moisture concrete; excellent stain resistance; high point load resistance; and easy installation.

For more information on PolyStyle Factory ESD Floor, call 508-583-3200 or visit

Steven Dubin

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