5 Clean And Care Tips For Your Leather Saddle

Surrey, UK - Any horseback rider or jockey knows the true value of a good leather saddle. In fact, with proper care and maintenance, a leather saddle can last years and allows for a more comfortable ride throughout its use. However, due to constant use, your favourite saddle will go through a lot of wear and tear, plus exposure to dirt and sweat. The more the saddle is used, the more it needs cleaning and care.

For those who need a quick leather saddle cleaning recap, here are a few tips you can include in your maintenance routine:

1 - Saddle Preparation

All good cleaning routines must start with preparing the saddle. This involves the basics, such as unfastening buckles and removing all fittings to ensure all saddle parts can be easily accessed. Next, go over the entire saddle with a clean damp towel to remove as much dirt and mud that may have collected all over the saddle while in use.

2 - Cleaning The Saddle

A sure way to have a clean saddle is to use the correct type of leather saddle cleaner. Together with a damp sponge and saddle cleaner, go over the entire saddle with small circular motions. Watch out for the suede areas and avoid making contact with those. Don't forget to clean the underside and between the saddle flaps when cleaning.

3 - Remove Any Remaining Cleaner Residue

After cleaning the saddle with the sponge and leather saddle cleaner, some cleaner residue may be left on the saddle. Don't leave the residue to dry as this can damage the leather. Instead, add this step to your routine. Take a slightly damp towel and wipe down the saddle to remove any residue. Pay close attention to the crevices on the saddle, as this is where cleaner residue tends to build up.

4 - Use Leather saddle conditioner Correctly

Look for a high-quality leather saddle conditioner, but take extra care not to over-apply it. While slathering the entire saddle with the conditioner can be tempting, putting too much can cause more damage than help. Too much of the conditioner can cause it to leech through the padding and cause irreversible damage to the saddle.

Don't overuse the conditioner and always follow the instructions provided on the product to avoid damaging your favourite saddle.

5 - Don't Forget The Metal Parts

Lastly, when all of the leather parts have been cleaned and conditioned, take a few extra minutes to care for the metal parts as well. Simply wipe them with a clean cloth to remove any cleaner buildup, and use quality polish for the silver to make them shine bright.

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