8 Things You Need To Prepare Before You Walk Your Dog

Walking your dog is a great way to spend time with your pet. It's an activity that's beneficial for you and your furry friend. Dogs are social animals who enjoy being around people and other dogs. They love to play and run around, but they need you to provide them with adequate space and stimulation. Walking is one opportunity to do so. On your part, you also get to exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and relieve some of your stress. But for your dog-walking to be safe and hassle-free, you need to prepare these essentials. Here are your eight must-haves from a leash and harness to a dog walking bag.

Leash and harness. A dog harness and leash are necessary if you are walking your dog. These must be comfortable, loose, and long enough to allow your dog to run free and play while ensuring that they're within your reach. This will help minimise the risk of your pet getting into an accident.

Treats. You need to make sure you bring with you food that your dog likes before you go out for a walk. This can be a problem if you're going somewhere where you don't have access to his usual treats. Treats are given not just to satiate your pet's hunger but also as a reward when he does something that merits it (e.g. He successfully socialised with fellow dogs, he picked up a toy while you're playing).

Water. Dogs are naturally thirsty animals, and they may start drinking more than normal if you leave them without any water for too long. When you take your pet out for a walk, don't forget to bring an adequate supply of water, together with a (collapsible) water bowl.

Toys. A good way to keep your dog occupied while you're resting somewhere along your walk is to give him toys. Make sure to choose ones that he enjoys playing with.

Extra dog apparel. You'll never know just what will happen when you're out for a walk with your dog. If he's wearing a dog's clothes and they'd get dirty while he's playing or walking, having an extra set of dog apparel will surely come in handy.

Dog waste bags. It's your responsibility as a dog owner to keep the public areas where your pet walked, played, or pooped clean. These waste bags are something that you should never forget to bring when taking your dog outside for a walk.

Walking bag. Having an emergency card and a phone is a must if you're embarking on a dog-walking activity. To conveniently keep and access such things, along with other essentials, it's recommended to invest in a walking bag. Not only is this bag practical, it's also a chance for you to stylishly walk down the streets while you bond with your canine companion.

Vaccinations. Don't forget to ready your dog himself before your walk. Part of this preparation is to give him the vaccinations needed so he can be kept safe against various dog diseases.

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