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LS Shower Screen is the production house of all kinds of shower screens. We have our own production and supply chain of shower panels. We also take up customised orders of our clients and work in sync with them as per their wants. If the customer doesn't know what they want, we make their work easier by choosing it for them.

also deals with installation and repair of any kind of shower screens that you may choose for your bathroom. Once the shower screen gets delivered to your space, we take over from there and make sure that the whole process of installing your chosen shower screen is smooth and hassle free. We help you choose the best for your bathroom depending on the kind of bathroom you have.

Shower screens fit over the edge of the bath space and are fixed to the wall. Shower screens come with some parts that help them to be fixed to the wall. Parts like the shower panel itself, brackets, screws, clips and joints to make sure that the glass is sealed to the wall properly. Our skilled personnel ensure that no damage is done what-so-ever to the glass panel and everything is taken care off professionally.

It is a known fact that anything that we buy or install won't stay the same forever. It will, at least once in its life, break down or need some kind of fixing. LS Shower Screen understands this and is just a call away to fix any kind of issues that you may face with the shower screens, be it any type.

Although a lot of videos are available online instructing DIY methods to either install or repair your shower panels on your own at home but it's best recommended to definitely go for professional assistance as these shower panels are undoubtedly delicate and need a skilled pair of hands.

We at LS Shower Screen will be more than happy to help our customers as we believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our customers.

Sliding door Shower Screens

If you want to make your cleaning work easier, its best recommended to have shower screens in your bathroom. Choosing what kind of shower screens will go best with your bathroom, you really need to make a list of what things are important to you when it comes to bathroom and it's maintenance. What also matters when you choose a shower screen is its accessibility. You have to be able to go inside your shower space and get out of it without much hassle.

This is where the sliding door shower screens comment to picture. They look classy and very easy to maintain. They have got smooth finish and you can always open and close the door with great ease. Let's look at some more advantages of having a sliding door shower screen:

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HDB Shower Screen

HDB stand for Housing and Development Board in Singapore. It manages the public housing system under a 99- year lease. A major chunk of the residential system in Singapore is governed and developed publicly and is home to approximately 78.7% of the total population of Singapore. HDB's main focus is getting rid of the slums in order to give people an affordable flat system. Most people in Singapore live in public residential arrangements which can either be a studio apartment or condominiums governed by HDB.

HDB gives way to low-cost and affordable housing system and therefore needs reasonable interiors. In this context, when we think about a bathroom in HDB, the shower screens need to be really good looking and appropriately priced. The most commonly used shower screen in HDB is a Sliding Door Shower Screen.



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