Back Of Beyond Offers Canoeing London Adventures Suited For Beginners

Beyond your usual routine, a cool and calming world awaits when you dabble into canoeing in London. It's an outdoor activity that connects you to nature and helps you wind down in its truest sense. If you're looking for canoeing adventures suitable for beginners like you, Back of Beyond offers just what you need.

New Adventures for Novices

Just like any other water-related activity, canoeing can be overwhelming and intimidating for beginners.

With the help of Back of Beyond, you can have a canoeing London experience that serves as the ideal starting point for novices. They offer sessions led by seasoned professionals who can offer bespoke canoeing activities, depending on your skill level.

Taking your comfort and safety into mind, their tailored immersive packages will make you appreciate the unique adventure that canoeing offers - not the other way around. Thanks to their experience, they're experts at gauging a participant's skill and comfort level. With utmost professionalism, they will always be available to guide you through the basics of canoeing and help you improve over time.

Best Tips for Canoeing Beginners

To help you prepare for your first canoeing London adventure, we've compiled the best tips for beginners below:

Know the basic dos and don'ts. Especially if you're new to the world of canoeing, never go alone. It's not just for safety purposes. Paddling in sync on opposite sides of the boat can guarantee stable navigation. When canoeing, make sure to avoid fishing areas to avoid entangling your boat with fishing lines. It's also not advisable to canoe when there's heavy rain.

Educate yourself about the basic canoe strokes. Watch online videos or read up resources about the basic canoe strokes to give yourself an idea of how to wade through the waters while paddling a boat. The basic strokes include the forward stroke, the draw stroke, and the J-stroke.

Wear proper attire. For comfortable and safe canoeing, you have to wear proper attire: waterproof trousers and jacket, thermal base layers, and buoyancy aid. If you're canoeing when the weather is cold, make sure to wear something made of synthetic fabric or wool. Also, apply sunscreen on your skin to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

Bring along with you a canoeing starter pack. To make the most of your canoeing trip, pack the essentials: waterproof first aid kit, drinking water to keep yourself dehydrated, snacks to keep your tummy happy, map and compass (enclosed in a water-resistant case, which can also contain your camera or phone), and extra clothing.

Be honest about your skill level but don't forget to enjoy it. Because you're a beginner, you have to be honest about your canoeing skillset so your guide can better gauge you and teach you. Listen to what they say and follow instructions well. Above all, enjoy - canoeing is a wonderful outdoor adventure that even novices can appreciate.

Book Your Canoeing Adventure in London Today

Ready to try canoeing in London and see the city in a new light? Book your session with Back of Beyond today. Learn more about their canoeing packages - suitable for individuals and groups at all levels - here: Contact them at or +44 (0) 20 805 04051.

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