Best Rack System and Shelving for Material Goods

Warehouses are the place, which requires a good shelving system. Without a good shelving system, it will become difficult for the warehouses to store goods, and sometimes when they store the goods and the products in a congested manner; it also results in the form of damaged goods and products. Therefore, it is very important for the warehouses to have good shelving systems that are spacious and also efficient. Different types of goods are stored in warehouses. Some of them are heavy whereas some of them are small and light-weight. So, you should have an apt shelving system in your warehouse according to the type of goods that you have.

Best Types of Racking

Industrial Pallet Racking is one type of rack that you get especially for the warehouses. This type of storage rack is for material goods and some of the racks can bear the weight up to 105/per kilogram also. These racks are made of iron and have only one space opening, rest on the 3 sides you will get iron borders. You can use even those small spaces of the border to keep the goods, provided that they are small in size. Or else you can use the front open portion to store the goods. But the counting of the goods can also be done from the backside of the borders as there is space to see through.

Types of Racking

Industrial pallet racking is not covered from all the sides, just the borders. Then, you even get long-span shelving also known as Wide Span Racking. These racks are widespread and have a lot of space within them. So, here you can store some goods that are huge or heavy or packed in a big size. And one of the best things that you will know about these racks is that since these racks are spacious, you can count the goods easily, and also you can remove and place the goods flexibly within the space that is provided. You can also get Automotive Battery Rack with wheels that you can move from one place to another.

About ESSI (Industrial Shelving)

Here you get industrial shelving that you can use for warehouses and retails. There are different types of shelves that you get, for example, you will get Industrial Shelving, Gondolas Shelving, Wall Gondolas Shelving, Industrial Pallet Racking, Wide Span Racking, Automotive Battery Rack and many more different kinds of shelving and racks with wheels and without wheels. For more details, you can contact them at


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