Why Are the Ozark Mountains a Safe Haven for Christian Preppers

Women have different roles to play within the Christian society. Like their male counterparts, their contributions are necessary for the expansion and for the right functioning of the Safe Haven for Christian Preppers.

The duties they perform can't be overemphasized. During the amount of Christ, within the apostolic era and during this very dispensation, they still play special roles to advance Christianity; though the duties have slightly changed within these periods.

Some of the special roles they play therefore include but aren't limited to the following:

Pastoral support: it's significant to notice that in Christ's time, women played the roles of supporters (ministers) who were always around to supply special cares for the requirements of the pastor (Christ) and his Apostles. Among these women were Mary Magdalene , Mary the mother of James; Joanna, etc. Women still lookout of the pastors today. Some play this role as deaconesses.

Marriage counselors: One other role they play is that of a wedding counselor. The bible says the older women should teach the younger ones the way to obey their husbands. Matured women who are versed within the word of God perform the duties of marriage counselors and help the younger ones to line their marriages so as , and help prevent marital conflicts and divorce.

Care of the widows: They also help to require care of the widows, needy and orphans. Dorcas was an honest example of girls who performed this excellent role.

Pastors: Some denominations allow their women to perform the duties of a pastor. they're allowed to evangelise on the pulpit and also perform other duties related to the position of the pastor.

Sunday school teachers: They also teach within the Sunday schools so as to assist the new female converts and therefore the young singles (spinsters) to grow. They teach the new converts the doctrine of the church, scriptures and other things they deem necessary for his or her spiritual growth and well-being.

Choir leaders: they will also play the role of choir leaders. This was the role that was performed by Miriam, Moses' sister during their journey through the wilderness. numerous of them are still doing well performing this duty today.

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