What Kind of breast lift Treatment You Can Expect

Breast lift refers to the set of surgical techniques that correct sagging breasts, referred to as breast ptosis in medical jargon. Depending on the case, this breast remodeling may or may not be associated with the placement of breast implants. Principles, objectives, procedure, result, cost, find out everything there is to know about this cosmetic surgery.

Mastopexy is the surgical treatment to lift the breasts. It intervenes in the event of breast ptosis or sagging breasts. The main reason for a sagging breast is the sagging muscles and distension of the skin on the breast. In question: the change in weight, pregnancy and / or breastfeeding or simply age. The breast hypertrophy (excessive breast size) is also on the list of causes of ptosis motivates a recovery chest. For the perfect breast lift the options are now open.

Mastopexy also corrects tuberous (or tubular) breasts . It is a malformation of the breasts which is characterized mainly by:

-- the tubular shape of the breasts

-- a defect at the base of the implantation of the breasts

-- an inframammary fold that is too high

-- a protrusion of the mammary areola.

-- The aesthetics of tuberous breasts differ depending on the stage of the pathology. In its most advanced phase, the breasts take the form of a tube.

Breast lift: in each case its intervention

The purpose of breast lift or breast lift is to tighten the skin to lift the breast sac. The operation also aims to replace the areola correctly and to correct if necessary an asymmetry between the two breasts. You should know that breast ptosis is often associated with asymmetry of the breasts. Moreover, each case requires a specific intervention.

In general, there are 4 types of operation to lift the breasts:

The most common breast lift without implants

Lifting the breast without a prosthesis is the simplest of breast lift operations. This is a simple breast lift. The surgeon will correct the elasticity problem by removing the excess skin, which allows the breasts to be raised and the nipple to be properly repositioned.

Breast lift with prosthesis

Problems with sagging breasts are sometimes associated with breast enlargement. The latter may be congenital or the consequence of breastfeeding or dieting. In either case, the breasts lack volume. Breast lift surgery can, in these specific cases, be accompanied by a prosthesis. The goal: to lift the breasts and add volume.

Breast lift and reduction

When breast ptosis occurs on breasts that are too large, surgery to lift the breast may be combined with breast reduction surgery.

Breast lift and correction of asymmetry problems

In addition to breast ptosis, some women also suffer from asymmetry in both breasts, which can be very badly experienced. Along with the breast lift, the surgeon can also perform an operation to correct the asymmetry . After the operation, the breasts are raised and the nipples placed symmetrically.

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