Coconut Rice

Looking for unique ways to make rice in your kitchen? Well here is adding a new rice recipe -- Coconut Rice. Coconut Rice is healthy, tasty and flavorful. It contains coconuts, and dry fruits that enhance its taste and make it filling. Coconut rice tastes good with any kind of fresh salad, raita dal or sambar.

This recipe of Coconut Rice is compiled by Punit Proteins -- the best basmati rice brand in Vadodara.

Coconut Rice Recipe Ingredients

-- Rice (non-sticky basmati rice)

-- Grated coconut

-- Salt

-- Cumin Seeds

-- Hing

-- Urad Dal

-- Cashew

-- Ginger

-- Red Chilli

-- Green Chilli

-- Ghee

Coconut Rice Cooking Method

To make coconut rice at home, follow these steps:

a) It is important to determine the proportion of rice to coconut when making coconut rice. For a cup of rice, it is good to use same quantity of grated fresh coconut.

b) The coconut rice recipe starts with making rice. To make rice, wash the non-sticky basmati rice, that you plan to use with water thoroughly. Soak the rice in water for 30 minutes.

c) Cook the rice in double quantity of water. The rice should be white, soft and fluffy.

d) Once the rice is ready, prepare for the coconut rice tempering.

e) For coconut rice tempering, pour ghee in kadai. When the ghee is hot, add a tablespoon of urad dal, crushed ginger and cumin seeds. Saute this for less than a minute.

f) Now add two pieces of red chillies and green chillies and saute for few seconds.

g) Once the tempering looks cooked, add the cashews and sautée little.

h) Add the cooked rice and mix well.

i) Sprinkle salt as per taste.

Curry leaves can also be a part of the coconut rice tempering. This coconut rice recipe is very easy to make and is a good option for lunch or dinner. One can even carry the coconut rice to work or while travelling. This looks simple and is good for health.

This Coconut Rice recipe at home is compiled by Punit Proteins who is known to offer the best basmati rice price in Vadodara.


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