South Florida Social Media Influencer Facing Charges

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla, Jan 13, 2020/FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sources have just released Tracy Ann Fanara, a self proclaimed social media influencer under the name of Inspector Planet and part time civil engineer is being charged with multiple counts of harassment, stalking, and possible mail fraud. These pending charges, according to recently obtained court documents, stem from on going harassment and smear campaign Fanara willfully launched on an innocent civilian, who is identified as Jane Doe in court documents. After a public political dispute Fanara allegedly had a package sent via USPS containing fraudulent and untruthful information about Jane Doe to family member's place of work. Sources confirmed the situation escalated in December of 2019, Jane Doe had Fanara served with a No Contact/Cease and Desist in response to harassing comments and behavior. More to come from this developing story. Fanara can not be reached for comment.

Vanessa Medline

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