5 facts about White Masterbatches

Due to distinguishing characteristic features like high opacity, brightness and shine, White Masterbatches are currently in a huge demand in the plastic, thermoplastic and chemical industry. As the best White Masterbatches Distributor in Sri Lanka, Palvi Masterbatches in this blog explains 5 facts about White Masterbatches that makes it a trending search on the web:

#1) White masterbatches are available in uniform sizes only. This makes it easy to mix and blend.

#2) The distinguishing factors of White masterbatches by Palvi Masterbatches are as follows:

-- High Dispersion

-- Whiteness

-- UV Resistance

-- FDA Compliance

-- Humidity Resistance

-- Moisture Resistance

Palvi Masterbatches is a White Masterbatches exporter in Sri Lanka.

#3) There are many uses of White Masterbatches at industrial level. White masterbatches are used for profile and sheet extrusion, thermoforming, extrusion processes, injection blow moulding and injection.

#4) Other uses of White Masterbatches are in very thin gauge films, multi-layer films, high output machines, TQPP, BOPP & BOPET films, LLDPE & metallocene LLDPE, plastic toys, PET Fibers - yarn & staple fiber, monolayer films, HIPS sheets, woven sacks, PET fibers, FIBC bags, oil and milk pouches, non-critical application films, industrial piping, and PP non-woven fabric.

Palvi Masterbatches is counted among the top White Masterbatches suppliers in Sri Lanka.

#5) White Masterbatches contain high proportion of micronized titanium dioxide that offers the brightness. Based on this, white masterbatches are categorized. White masterbatches are also categorized according to process applications such as FDA, UV color tones, base resins like PP, PE, PS, engineering polymers and much more.

Palvi Masterbatches comprehensive range of White masterbatches is available in different grades, sizes and packaging. Palvi Masterbatches also offers Black masterbatches, additives, fillers and biodegradable masterbatches. All their masterbatch products adhere to international food contact compliance.

Palvi Masterbatches is a renowned White Masterbatches manufacturer in Sri Lanka.


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