Discover Your Leading Rainwater Harvesting Company

When it comes to creating alternate sources of domestic water, harvesting of rainwater comes into play as one of the best options. However, for you to make it through such technical procedures, you should choose the right rainwater harvesting company. Wherever you are, in the U.S. or across the globe, Ecovie is your premier and go-to company for all rainwater harvesting solutions.

About Ecovie

Ecovie is a company that wholly specializes in water management for a variety of clients, both in the commercial and residential fields. For many years now, we have been the leading force behind all new and advanced water management strategies for different clients. Using our advanced onsite water management technology, we have positioned ourselves as the premier and go-to partner in that field.

Our service delivery is advised by the realization that decentralized water management is the best solution to multiple water problems for commercial and residential use.With the many issues, people are currently facing, from water scarcity to storm water runoff, water discharge, and poor water quality, we have come to realize that much needs to be done to ensure people have alternative sources of water to explore. In this regard, we would love to welcome you on board and enjoy water management solutions with a difference.

Expert Water Management Solutions

At Ecovie, we have everything it takes to help you manage rainwater, runoff, and any other source of water. Among the specialties that we are known for, there is:

-- We are an exclusive distributor of INTEWA products in the United States.

-- We also help by conducting on-site water system designs on a commercial scale.

-- Ecovie also provides full system integration, including the supply of equipment for on-site water management projects.

-- If you need a transformation of on-site water to non-portable, portable, or hygienic water for commercial-scale solutions, you can talk to us too.

Recent Projects

We have handled a variety of major projects, including:

-- Uber Headquarters, San Francisco

-- World Bank, Kabul

-- Interface HQ, Atlanta

Your building project can be part of this environmental change. Contact us today via +1-833-326-8433. Visit to learn more.

Ecovie Water Management

187 N Shore Dr, 187-1

Miami Beach, FL


Head Office, Phone

Toll Free: +1 833 326 8433


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