How To Choose A Stair Lift

There are many options one can consider to make their life easier when climbing or even descending stairs is too hard. The choice that is most inconvenient would be relocating to single floor housing in order to evade stairs. However, having a stair lift installed is much more practical and even more cost effective and lasts very long.

When choosing curved stair lifts lexington ky you must be very careful and there are options that imperative in your consideration. This article provides you with a guide on the whole process of selecting a stair lift.

-- Seek Advice

First, talk to your occupational therapist or your GP when you are thinking about purchasing a stair lift. Health professionals are capable of giving impartial advice that will help you make a decision on whether a stair lift is necessary and if so refer charities or organizations that may assist in financing a stair lift be it loans or grants.

If any people you know have installed a stair lift, have a conversation with them so that you can understand their experience. They can also refer you to companies they had great experiences with which may be important in helping you make a good decision. One can also check online reviews that may have comparisons of various curved stair lifts lexington ky aspects like their cost, warranties and after-sales services which may provide an insight when selecting your stair lift.

-- Choose Stair Lifts That Are Compatible With Your Staircase

Your staircase style determines the stair lift you select. Below is a list of common stairs and the stair lifts that work with them.

-- Straight stairs: Stair lifts may fit majority of traditional staircases. If the stairs in your home are single flight and they go up in a simple straight line then it's easy to get a straight stair lift installed. This stair lift is the most cost effective and its fitting takes a few hours.

-- Curved stairs/intermediate landing: If the staircase is curved, the lift must be curved. Curved lifts are made on order and thus may cost more than the straight lifts. However, since they are created for a particular staircase, they are more versatile.

-- Transfer platform stair lifts: if there are two staircases that are straight but connect with a tiny landing, you will need a transfer platform stair lift. This means you'll have two of the straight stair lifts; however, it is important to consider how the user will move from one to the other. If it's not possible to transfer oneself then having a curved stair lift is a better option.

-- Consider A Stair Lift That Suits Your Individual Needs

One must consider their mobility needs while selecting the best curved stair lifts cincinnati. There are certain lifts that are suited to these needs and some even have additional features that modify the lift to suit the needs you may have. Making sure you know what your needs are will help in selecting a stair lift that's perfect for you. Below are some stair lift modification options that may work well for your needs. However, all these are things a Handcar surveyor who is qualified, can easily advice on during a visit to your home.

-- Trouble with sitting upright: If sitting feels uncomfortable, maybe some joint pains in your hips or knees, then the process of sitting and standing from a stair lift may prove inconvenient. This means that you may need perch lifts which support the area below your buttocks, helping you when you need to stand with ease while going up. They also have seat belts that are retractable for safety.

-- Trouble with rising after you seat: If standing after seating makes you uncomfortable, then you may need an active seat or a powered option. These seats are easy to dismount the lift for people who have limited mobility or those who standing from a seat is hard. The seat gently rising up as one dismounts the stair lift, giving support to one's body as they stand.

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