Cleanliness And You

The following is why cleanliness leaves a direct impact on your health:

-- Destroys germ colonies

Keeping your surroundings clean kills germ colonies that may have accumulated otherwise. Such colonies may be critically hazardous for you. Getting rid of them is best for you and your family.

-- No more mosquitoes

Cleanliness means clearing all dirt including mud and stagnant water. Since mosquitoes are the most common vectors of dangerous diseases like malaria and dengue, preventing water stagnation and breeding thereof you reduce the risk of such hazards infiltrating your home.


Mental satisfaction

It is said that whenever you are in stress or in panic, just start cleaning your home. By putting order into simple things of daily routine, you bring orderliness to your own thoughts too. Cleanliness is much like a meditative practice that stabilizes mental fatigue. You can also read Benefits Of Drinking Water

-- Keeps vectors at bay

Other than mosquitoes there are many other vectors that may pose a major threat to your health. Vectors like sandflies, triatomine bugs, blackflies, ticks, tsetse flies, mites, snails, lice and even the common housefly can induce life-threatening diseases. Hence, keeping your surroundings clean is your only defense.


Promotes greenery

Since cleanliness declutters our surrounding environment and lets the greenery thrive, we induce the green effect to naturally enhance our body. We feel more active and energetic with greenery around. It benefits both, our physical and mental wellness simultaneously! If you have any health-related query click here

Cleanliness and health go hand in hand. Without one, you cannot achieve the other. If you have dirty surroundings, you are bound to fall sick. If you are sick, you will pollute and sicken your surroundings further, instead of cleaning them up. That is why keeping clean and hygienic is always a must.

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