5 Benefits of Commercial HVAC Installation

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is the heart of a cleanroom. While it's simple to maintain contamination level in a cleanroom, indoor environmental comfort level can only be achieved by the HVAC system. Very different from conventional systems, HVAC in cleanrooms facilitate improved air supply, enhanced airflow patterns, and superior room pressurization with the use of high-efficiency filters. It's alone the HVAC that can prevent air leak from a less clean zone to a modular cleanroom.

In this blog by ACH Engineering, a leading cleanroom manufacturer in Canada let's look at the benefits of commercial HVAC installation in cleanrooms:

Continuous Moisture Level Balance

As there is hardly any air circulation or exchange happening inside a cleanroom, mold or mildew easily develops in the under floors, cleanroom walls, and ceilings. This can further lead to structural damage of the cleanroom or develop health concerns. HVAC systems prevent this by continuously pulling out moist air from the cleanroom and pushes in dry, cool air only.

Environmental Impact

Conventional systems and their CFC emission had major environmental impact. To tackle this, today's HVAC systems installed in cleanrooms solutions use HFC-based refrigerants that do less harm to the environment. By using this, HVAC companies tag their products as 'green' products for consumers.

Reduced Noise

Old models used to shake, rattle and roll creating a major sound disturbance during operation. However, commercial HVAC systems installed in cleanrooms today has absorbing materials that reduce the noise and yet offer best room pressurization facilities within the cleanroom walls and ceilings.

Improves Air Quality

Advanced HVAC systems in cleanroom solutions offer consistent and superior humidity controls. This helps to maintain air temperature at a constant level. Programmable thermostats allow controlling the room temperature. This cuts on energy consumption and provides a comfortable environment. Commercial HVAC systems in cleanrooms also render health benefits to the people within the cleanroom.

Resale Value

Cleanrooms with commercial HVAC systems escalates the price of the property when resold. In fact, clients reject cleanrooms with conventional systems.

When designing or renovating your cleanroom space, consult with ACH Engineering, the best cleanroom manufacturer in Canada about commercial HVAC systems and their role. They have experience of successful commercial HVAC installation in cleanrooms across the world.


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