Reagan Lancaster Offers Consulting Services Through SourceTap

Pilot Point, Texas- March 26, 2020- Owner and leader and SourceTap, Reagan Lancaster, announces available services from his consulting and management company. Known in the software industry as a top executive that has helped scale businesses, Reagan Lancaster and his team deliver results their technology clients can depend on.

Mr. Lancaster has always had the drive to succeed. He achieved numerous accolades in a variety of sectors. Having built SourceTap, with more than 30 years in the software industry, the company offers many services from startup to board membership. Whatever consulting services his clients need, he aggressively strategies to help the client meet their goals.

Getting his start in the software industry back with giants like Oracle, Mr. Lancaster has helped grow over 100 startups in his career. In 1999, he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, along with being named Motivator of the Year-- for three years running.

In addition to his consulting skills, he published his motivational book, The Gorilla Dance: Leadership For Executives in 2018. His book shows business owners how to navigate the complexities of being a leader and finding success by pacing oneself and having a strong work ethic.

One of his greatest achievements was building his company, i2 Technologies, from 6 million in sales to over 1.8 billion annually, which he pulls examples from and includes in the book. He provides excellent direction to those starting their company or have to find gaining traction to be complicated.

SourceTap assists technology companies with product marketability, developing growth strategies, sales methodology, recruiting top talents, and much more. While the needs of each client may be different, Reagan Lancaster approaches every task with the utmost attention to detail. This allows him to gain better results in a shorter time.

SourceTap is a recent venture for Mr. Lancaster. He has earned award after award, being featured in more than 30 publications. A representative for Reagan Lancaster has said, Working with software companies is his passion. Trying to help position companies and navigating successful exit strategies is his top priority. Helping hire and inspire while proving a strong work ethic and preparation is the key. His heart and soul bleeds competition and tackles challenges that others find impossible.-- on his dedication to clients and helping them meet their ambitious goals for growth and monetization.

For more information on Reagan Lancaster visit For questions please call 214-674-7165.

Reagan Lancaster

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