Uses of Terminal Blocks According To Types

In simple terms, terminal blocks connect wires together. It is a modular block that connects a wire to another wire, circuit or system. There are many types of terminal blocks manufactured by the best electrical panel manufacturers in Vadodara like Elmex. The terminal blocks are further categorized according to size and shapes.

In this blog by Elmex, let's understand the uses of 3 types of terminal blocks --

Solar PV branch connector

Solar PV branch connectors establish parallel connections. Solar PV Branch connectors usually have 3 branches -- 2 for inputs and 1 for output. Solar PV branch connectors are manufactured using flame retardant thermoplastic. Elmex Solar PV branch connectors have mating ability with international level straight connectors as well.

Terminal blocks with brass

Elmex manufactures Terminal blocks with brass are compatible with all kinds of panel boards, switch gears and switchboards. At Elmex, Terminal blocks with brass are designed adhering to best industry standards using high-grade raw materials and advanced technologies. Using terminal blocks with brass enhances circuit flexibility with its cutting-edge electrical properties. Terminal blocks with brass are durable, corrosion-resistant, chemical-free, tensile, and has a long shelf life.

Screwless Terminal Block

Screwless Terminal Block is a multifarious product that allows quick assembly without any special tooling. The use of screwless terminal blocks is very common in the telecommunication sector, lighting systems, security, and wire arrangement. There is also scope of different color configurations.

All the aforementioned terminal blocks are manufactured and marketed by Elmex. Since 1963, they have been producing the best new-age electrical products and catering to varied industrial demands. In their product portfolio, they have a wide range of terminal blocks that you can select and order. With head office in Vadodara, Gujarat, Elmex has authorized dealers, channel partners and resident engineers across India.


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