New Book by Michael Washburn Stranger Stranger

ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by Michael Washburn Stranger, Stranger hitting stores everywhere on January 23rd, 2020.

How often, upon hearing about people who have had regrettable experiences or have lost their lives, we wish they had followed advice received early in life about not talking to strangers. But there are strangers we would be better off knowing, and it is hard to imagine a functioning society comprised of elementary particles (to allude to the title of one of French author Michel Houllebecq's great novels) existing in perfect isolation and never interacting at all. The interplay of strangers has inspired storytellers of all epochs in every corner of the planet.

In these tales, fugitives, drifters, misfits, and outcasts meet in locales as varied as hotels, bars, galleries, lecture halls, parks, pastures, beaches, and battlefields, but tension arises almost invariably from the interplay of sinister intelligences that rightly distrust one another.

Michael Washburn is a Brooklyn-based writer and journalist. His short fiction has appeared recently in Concho River Review, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Rosebud, Weirdbook, Serial, The Tishman Review, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, and other publications. Michael's story Confessions of a Spook-- won Causeway Lit's 2018 fiction contest. Two other collections, The Uprooted and Other Stories (2018) and When We're Grownups (2019), are available from Adelaide Books.

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