Tangled Hair Techs Helps Women with Depression Come Alive

Jan 14, 2020 -- Depression is a tricky illness with many unintended side effects. It can make the simple act of getting out of bed and leaving the house difficult. Going through depression, most people forget to take care of themselves, and that includes their hair in particular. Having tangled matted hair is such a hindrance to work and life but worry no more because Tangled Hair Techs will get your horribly matted tangled hair professionally detangled!

Cutting or shaving the hair does not necessarily heal depression or matted tangled hair. Sometimes cutting or shaving of matted tangled hair can cause depression because of the shock of losing all your hair at one chop-without any efforts being made to save the hair first. With the goal to SAVE your hair-not to CUT your hair, Tangled Hair Techs are working hard to save tangled or severely matted hair so you can preserve your God given beauty and self-esteem.

Depression won't be cured by a trip to the salon, but it can help on some level. Research has even found that paying some extra attention to your appearance-specifically in the form of applying makeup-can give women a boost of confidence. Always remember that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD....Luke 1:37. Only believe and Jesus will help your faith to be strengthened.

Clinical psychologist John Mayer, Ph.D., author of Family Fit: Find Your Balance in Life, says that it's not uncommon for people suffering from depression to stop brushing their hair. Guiding a person into such activities as a makeover or haircut can help the person feel better about their personal hygiene and thus about their self-image and self-esteem,-- Mayer says. These latter improvements in self-esteem and self-image are core coping mechanisms for relieving depression.-- He says he often recommends that his depressed patients do things like this for that reason.

Matted hair is prevalent, and most women prefer to have this hair on under their wigs or as protection from breakage. But over time, tangled hair can cause stress and the longer it stays, the harder it is to detangle, and that is sad. But, the good news is that Tangled Hair Techs can help you with their professional and Safe Matted Tangled Hair Detangling Solutions and Services.

About Tangled Hair Techs:

Tangled Hair Techs are the leaders in specialized hair restoration techniques as well as service providers and educators for detangling and removing severely matted tangled hair, braids, dreadlocks, hair weaves, hair extensions and twist. They provide a service that is priceless because they provide hair restoration to people who sometimes have lost all hope of ever getting their hair back to normal again. The work they do is not glamorous, neither is the work of a plumber, but people need them all over the world. Their work is based on the love and faith we have in God. Jesus Christ traveled to bring (Gospel) good news to people. He brought healing, love, peace, blessings, freed people from bondage; but most importantly he demonstrated to us that nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37. Tangled Hair Techs are online based, they travel all over the world to hospitals, and care centers as well. They have training salon centers in France, USA, and South Africa.

For more information please visit www.tangledhairtechs.com or kindly send an email to globalbeautyaction@yahoo.com.

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