Students Can Get Guidance from Academic Gurus in Extramarks Achieve Program

For human beings, education has played an initial role in the development of the mind and has made it easy to make decisions at different stages of life. Well, education in these modern days is not being treated as a gateway to only earn a living, but it also maintains a community status. Here, with higher education, a person can easily refute his or her image in a society with well-reserved wordings and ideas. Positive thinking, pre-planning ideas, good character, a bright career and a prosperous life are some of the attributes of education. Well, every nation follows its own rule for establishing education. Somehow, primary, secondary and higher educations are the main segments of education that each country usually follows in its hierarchy of education systems.

Extramarks Achieve is a first-of-its-kind holistic Mentorship program Programme for Student guidance where a student gets to experience a perfect balance between learning and guidance. This innovative system includes two different programs, the Learning App and the Academic Student Guidance Programme. It helps students achieve their academic goals and dreams.

Extramarks Achieve Program uses SNAAP (Student Needs Analysis and Academic Profile) to create customized study plans based on each child's unique learning needs. The dedicated personal Academic Guru works with them diligently and offers their Academic handholding through two academic guiding sessions and unlimited doubt clearing sessions per week. Not only have that, students benefit from the Extramarks learning app for a comprehensive learning experienced. So, get ready to get the best out of you with Extramarks Achieve.

Extramarks Achieve is another revolutionary facet added to the Learning App and comes absolutely free with your subscription. As a part of Achieve, you are given access to a dedicated Academic Guru, who helps set learning milestones for you, tracks and monitors your progress, and also creates custom worksheets based on your performance.

Extramarks has introduced personalized learning journeys, which are mapped to the personal academic goals or learning milestones of each student. These journeys are adaptive in nature, which means that they adapt and respond to the progress of learners and accordingly adjust the level of learning. Occasional tests make their appearance during this journey to assess how well a student has understood concepts, and basis the performance in these tests, next segments of the journey are determined.

Students can download the Extramarks app from the Google playstore can enjoy all the benefits themselves.

Rubi Dubey

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