Complete Topic Wise Study Material for CBSE Class 6 Social Science

Central Board of Secondary Education is the board of Education which most of the schools are affiliated with. Class 6 is the first class of the secondary section. It is an important class not only because it is the first of the secondary section but also because students are at a very tender age where there get the chance to understand the basics of all the subjects clearly and form a very strong foundation for all the subjects. This is because it is in Class 6 that the foundation for all the subjects is laid in terms of what is going to be taught to them in higher classes. CBSE Class 6 Social Science is one of the subjects that are not under Class 6. Social Science at this level is not bifurcated into different seeds of Social Sciences and is taught together under one subject. As the name suggests Social Science is a subject that deals with how society works make the student understand the basics and the fundamentals of the world around them. The Social Science that is taught at this level is generally a very broad subject covering broader topics like Urban Livelihoods, Rural Livelihoods etc. There are various topics that are taught in this class that can be difficult for the students to make notes of or to figure out what exactly to study as the school subject is very theoretical and has a lot of text. It is impossible for the students to cram everything that is given in the textbook because of the theoretical nature of the subject. since CBSE is a common board of education in India. It is easy for the students to find study material online two subjects that are taught under CBSE. With the increase in technological advancements, there is today 'n' number of ways that students can use to prepare for a subject, unlike earlier times when making notes by themselves and figuring out themselves what is important and what's not was the only way to do it. The best way to do is to use the study material that is available on Extramarks. Extramarks is an educational app it has a complete subject wise, class-wise, and topic-wise organised study material available for CBSE Class 6 Social Science covering topics like urban livelihoods. This can be used by students to understand the topics better and to figure out what topics hold more importance than others.

Manoj Singh

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