Online Learning Portal Helping Students of ICSE Class 12 Prepare Better

ICSE Class 12 Mathematics is one of the most important subjects for students who are from the Science stream. Mathematics has forever been a tough subject for the students and the challenge only intensifies for the students of Class 11 and 12. The importance of the subject goes up in the higher classes and the students also tend to face additional challenges like board exams, immersive learning experience, and the detailed syllabus.

The primary source of learning for the students is the textbooks and the learning from the classroom and even though they are good sources of learning, they are not sufficient for the students to have an exceptional result or the upper hand over their fellow classmates. Having a secondary source of learning can do wonders for the students. Online learning portals are becoming very popular among the students because they make them less dependent on the textbooks and teachers for learning and helps them become self-reliant learners. The apps and the websites are available in big numbers on the internet and it makes it tough for the students to choose one that caters to all their academic needs. Choosing the right source of learning is very important as the students need to save time while learning for revision before the exam.

Extramarks-The Learning App can be one of the best sources of learning for the students. The app and the website have many interactive learning tools for the students to pick from. The study material for ICSE Class 12 Mathematics, Physics, Accountancy, Political Science, Chemistry, etc can be helpful for the students to understand all the concepts and topics of the subject and perform optimally in the exams. The interactive study material and learning guide on the app helps the students become better and efficient learners. The Extramarks app has many other learning tools to help students. The practice material on the app like Sample Papers, Question Papers, Solved Papers can help the students become thorough with the chapters and the topics of the syllabus.

One of the key highlights of Extramarks is audiovisual learning modules. The multimedia learning modules on the app can be very beneficial for the students who find reading and studying from textbooks and written material boring. The video lessons on the app can help the students learn faster and better. The video lectures are delivered by expert teachers making it a reliable source of learning. Students can learn anywhere at any time with the help of Extramarks.

Ram Sharma

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