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Sooner or later everyone needs to send a package and among the thousands of questions that emerge when we are struggling with an expedition, the most common are: "How do I pack the package?", "What box should I use to make it arrive intact at destination?"

If you have not asked yourself these questions and concentrated only on the cost of the package and on how to save for making a shipment, then you may have unpleasant surprises when shipping and delivering your items. For the Bulk Boxes Vancouver this is important now.

In fact, whether you have opened an online sales activity through e-commerce or marketplaces like eBay or Etsy or need to sending the famous "package from down" to a child, a relative or even a simple gift to a friend, the packaging of a shipment is never a factor to be underestimated.


Imagine you sent a package full of food, complete with oil, preserves and jams, or sent a tablet or a pair of shoes . While you prepare and ship your package , on the other hand there will be a person anxiously waiting ready to receive it, which will follow every step of the shipment through tracking and will do everything to be home when the courier arrives. And at that moment you will see a battered box delivered and, in the middle of unboxing, you will find a striped tablet or all the delicacies you were waiting for covered with pieces of glass.

Shipping boxes

In this case, those who sent the package will face a very unpleasant situation, especially if it is a commercial shipment. A damaged package can be refused or a refund can be requested, but if the bad condition of the delivery is caused by bad packaging, the fault will be on the sender (which could be you) and not on the courier. This makes us understand that although the Stock Boxes Vancouver are often considered a negligible element, in reality its choice is decisive for an expedition that makes customers and friends satisfied and happy to have received a package from you.

This is why in this article we will enter the world of shipping boxes, in order to better understand how to properly pack your items.

The importance of packaging in a shipment

When we talk about packaging we also refer to all types of packages and not just those for send fragile or valuable items.

This is because, despite the attention and reliability of the couriers, during the journey to their destination a package is subjected to numerous situations that can compromise their safety , first of all the long journey on motor vehicles and / or airplanes. In fact, the packages are pressed together with many other packages and are therefore subject to impacts, pressures, accidental falls that only a good box and a good insulating or shockproof material can cushion.

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