English Lessons for Class 7 with the Extramarks App

English can be a fearful subject for some. Students often struggle with tedious and alien grammatical concepts and are more often than not completely unaware of the subtle grammatical errors they commit. Literature and writing aspects of the subject are also very subjective and require a lot of time efficient studying along with a fancy yet formal vocabulary. The students also suffer while writing insightful and cohesive essays. Some struggle with a limited economy of words while others struggle to close a seemingly never ending essay. These struggles can be overcome with little effort and a lot of smart studying. Students of class 7 find it cumbersome, in fact, to write perfectly arranged, thoughtful, concise essays.

The textbooks assigned by the school are often never enough to deliver the correct and proper ways of dealing with the aforementioned problems. They usually contain the most basic definitions with simple and ordinary explanations, often without examples. This requires the students to resort to seeking some sort of secondary guidance. The secondary guidance most often happens to be a private tutor or a reference textbook. However, both these options are not only expensive (a private tutor being a prolonged expense) but also cannot guarantee solving all the problems of the students.

Online e learning (virtual learning) websites, on the other hand, provide you with highly accessible and inexpensive study sources to add to the lessons from the English book for class 7. The app uses highly interactive tools to convey the lessons to the students. The lessons are systematically arranged (from easy to difficult) and are written in simple, easy to understand language. The lessons also incorporate audiovisual elements which have been proven to causes higher fact retention within the students. A visual or an auditory stimulus is far more likely to cause an impact in an individual's mind than what would result out of reading a piece of information from a textbook. This helps in strengthening the foundation of the subject which further helps the students to grow into self efficient learners. This makes the process of learning more wholesome and enriching. The app stocks a variety of time based exercises, challenges, a glossary of important terms for each chapter, Previous Year question papers (both solved and unsolved), etc for the students to test themselves once they are through with each of the chapters or the syllabus as a whole. Download the Extramarks app now.

Visit https://www.extramarks.com/study-material/icse-class-7/english

Tarun Kumar

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