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This is our "David and Goliath" story.
We've been in the business of marketing and sales since 1987.

When the Internet became commercial, we built an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency to help our clients get the best First Page Ranked positions for their websites on this new online thing called Search Engines.

NOTE: We still do SEO service to this day, but not like we used to. We used to charge for the basic SEO service package.

But with this breakthrough Digital Full Page Display Ads method we offer today, we now give that service away for FREE!

In our advanced testing of the Digital Full Page Display Ads, we noticed that the Ads created such a dramatic increase in traffic, that the Search Engines began awarding those sites First Page Google Ranked Positions!

Getting First Page Ranked positions on the Search Engines for our clients is now a FREE "side effect" of our revolutionary new process!

Now if you've searched online, you found SEO companies that charge thousands monthly with NO GUARANTEED results.

When you become one of our clients for Digital Full Page Display Ads, we guarantee at least 1,000 Top 10 Page One Rankings on Google by your third month, or you don't pay for the following month. Plus, if at any point we fail to maintain 1,000 Top 10 Page One Rankings on Google, you won't be charged for the next month.

How's that for confidence!

Back to our story...

The challenge for the Search Engines in the beginning was finding a way to monetize their new service.

There was no money to be made in just listing free website addresses for businesses online.

The answer was Pay-Per-Click advertising.

The Search Engines realized businesses would gladly pay for preferred positions on their search results pages.

The fact is, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can be a Powerful, and Effective way to advertise your business... BUT... it can be EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!

PPC can work like crazy to send traffic (visitors) to your website!

And the reason for that is, you can control where your ad is seen based on how much money you are willing to pay every time someone "clicks" on your ad.

If you have a big enough advertising budget, you can beat out your competition for the best and highest positions on the top of the page.

This is where WE came into the picture on PPC.

As we saw the bids for positions for PPC ads rise into double digit dollars for a single click, we realized the big companies with big advertising budgets would practically obliterate the opportunity for smaller companies to take advantage of this powerful advertising media.

And, there was no way to change that, because the Search Engines have the power. They have "all the marbles," they "own" all the "real estate" - the digital space where ads get placed.

When it comes to this business advertising model, they have complete control over you and your business. They even have the power to ban you from using their PPC service!

In essence, you must comply with their rules if you want to advertise on their pages.

Eventually we started to see a pattern of the Search Engines "bullying" advertisers (especially the smaller businesses) and favoring the BIG businesses with the BIG advertising budgets who could afford to bid big amounts for the best positions. These are the companies responsible for advertisers paying as much as double dollar digits for a single click!

Medium and small businesses can't compete with giant bids for the limited number of advertising positions available on each page.

This situation created a burning desire in us to find a way to help the medium and small businesses overcome this advertising domination.

We worked for years trying to figure out a solution to the problem, but we were always thwarted because the Search Engines had complete control over their system.

We eventually concluded that we could not work within or change their system, and they certainly weren't going to let us change it! There was no incentive for them to change their system. They had a monopoly on their Search Engine, and they were taking in HUGE profits!

We had to create something completely new, something that they could not control.

We're proud to say, with the creation of our Digital Full Page Display Ads method - we finally did it!

It not only took years to create, but it took millions of dollars spent on testing, to not only create a system to work around them, but to create a system that can BEAT them with the ULTIMATE Pay-Per-Click advertising business model where you NEVER PAY FOR A CLICK!

You can't have a lower PPC cost than $0!

We've turned the tables on the Search Engines. With our proprietary system, now THEY can't compete with us!

(You don't have to shed a tear for them. They're still doing VERY well.)

Our original goal was to help small and medium size businesses, but our system is so unique, we also take on big company clients too. Why? Because, with our new method, the work we do for big companies, does not affect the work we do for anyone with a small or medium-sized company.

We had developed the "Holy Grail" of online traffic (and clicks) for every type and size of business, with no overlap or competition between them!

We had the goal, but it took many trials before we finally nailed it and created this system for you!

Sales and Marketing Specialists Since 1987

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