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Pay Less, Get More Web Traffic
No matter what industry you're in, you will find that the techniques used by the Top 10 team will bring you better results and cost you much less than pay per click advertising does.

If you're website is new to the Internet and you're wondering why you don't see your website on the first page when you do a search, you're not alone. Most new business owners don't realize the work that needs to be done to get a page one position on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You probably assumed that all you needed to do was to have someone build a website and the next time you looked up the product or service you sell, you'd see it right there on the first page of search results. Unfortunately, you couldn't be more wrong about that.

Now, if you're like a lot of new website owners, you may have heard that using Google's pay per click advertising system is a good idea. It might be, if you are selling some obscure product that has no competition and you need a fast way to bring in customers who are looking for your specific, unusual product. In that case, you could pay as little as a few pennies for clicks that take people directly to your website. If that's the situation you're in, then we say - go for it! Grab as many keywords as you can and happily pay Google pennies to advertise your odd product for you.

However, that is usually not the case when it comes to pay per click advertising. You see, most people with websites don't have really obscure products that nobody else has. They have products or services that generally have a lot of competition. Take for example someone selling insurance. Just imagine the competition for a product like that. In fact, as of the writing of this article, the competition is a mere 2,130,000,000 other websites, all selling insurance.

So what do you think it would cost you to buy pay per click advertising for something like that - a dollar, ten dollars, twenty dollars a click? Well think again. At the time of this writing the cost for each and every click that a pay per click ad produces for insurance is $54.91. Now let's imagine that you live in a town where there are hundreds of insurance agents. If each of them wanted to be on the first page of Google for insurance, they might all look to pay per click advertising to get there. If that was the case, that $54.91 price might go even higher.

At the same time, there might also be something called click fraud going on. That means some of the competition might come to your website (if you were using pay per click ads for your insurance business) and they might click on your ad until they used up your entire budget. Is that fair? Of course not. But does it happen, unfortunately, it absolutely does. And there's no real way to stop it. So the question is, if you're in a competitive industry, do you take the chance of someone clicking away your budget and not getting any sales from it? That's something you need to consider before using the pay per click advertising model.

Now, if you're ready to look at a better option to pay per click advertising, you'll want to talk to the team at Secure Independence about the digital full page display advertising program. Unlike the pay per click ads that are generally little more than an inch high, digital full page display ads are just what they sound like - full page ads that talk about your product or service.

When you work with Secure Independence, you'll get a minimum of 10,000 digital full page display ads that will advertising only your product or service. There will be no other ads on the page when it comes up. If you're old enough to remember reading the newspaper, you know how impressive (and how expensive) a full page ad was in the paper. It was the ad nobody could miss because it took up the entire page. Those ads were generally purchased by giant companies, like grocery stores or car dealerships because the cost was just way too high for your average small business owner.

Unlike that scenario, when you buy full page ads from Secure Independence, you pay such a small fee that you wonder how they can charge so little. If you break that down, it comes out to less than 4 cents per month per full page ad. How can you possibly beat a price like that?

And that's not all you get for that low price. You see, those 10,000 full page ads are going to create a lot of buzz with the search engines and you're going to end up with a minimum of 1,000 top ten first page Google ranked positions within your first 60 days. Remember, earlier we said that the goal of any new website is to get to the first page of Google because that's where all the sales take place? Well, when you purchase 10,000 full page digital ads, you'll be guaranteed to have more than 1,000 page one positions on Google, the biggest and most used search engine on the planet!

Now, once you have all those page one rankings, you're going to automatically end up with an unlimited amount of traffic and clicks to your website. And all those clicks that you could pay lots of money for if you were using pay per click adverting will cost you NOTHING! Yes, you will get absolutely free clicks with the Secure Independence digital full page ads program.

One more thing you need to remember when you have 10,000 digital full page ads working for you. You have NO competition! Those ads are for your website only. Nobody else has the option to outbid you because there are no bids. There's one flat price per month for all those ads and all those top ten first page Google ranked positions, and all those unlimited clicks to your website - bringing you customers and potential sales!

So, the question is, where is your money better spent? Would you rather spend money on pay per click advertising where you have competition that could drive up the price of your ads and click until your budget is used up? Or would you rather have a fixed rate to pay for more service, more ads, more rankings, more traffic and more clicks every month? The choice is yours.

Our suggestion is to go to our website and check out the opportunity for you to dominate your industry with more ads, more traffic and better results for much less money. Once you compare what is offered there to what you'd pay for a limited amount of traffic, we think you'll see just where your advertising dollars should be spent. And, as always, you can call 800-404-1234 24 hours a day if you have any questions or you're ready to place an order. Don't wait until your competition figures out the advantage of the Secure Independence program. Place your order today and knock your competition off page one!

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