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Affiliate Protection - Two Ways!
One: If you refer someone and they go to your assigned website through your Personal Affiliate ID (which is free), they are locked in with your Affiliate ID. If they do not subscribe right away and come back later to subscribe, they are reserved for you. So whenever they decide to subscribe, you will earn your commission.

If another Affiliate contacts this same potential client, and they become a subscriber through that person's Affiliate ID, YOU will still earn the commission from that Affiliate, (and not the second person who made the referral) because you were the FIRST one to contact them and our system SAVED them for you!

So, it's to your advantage to make as many contacts as you can, before another Affiliate "locks up" that potential client.

Two: If a prospective client tries to ignore your Affiliate ID, by leaving the ID off the URL, (hoping to eliminate your commission), the system will not allow them access to the website. They can only access the website by clicking on the FULL LINK that includes your Affiliate ID, protecting your monthly income.

Extra Added Affiliate Protection Option!

The standard Affiliate ID is a free "extension" added to the end of one of the standard domain names.

Even though it's a "long shot," that someone types in your link incorrectly, what they typed could be a different Affiliate's extension.

If that happened, the prospective client would be sent to that Affiliate's page, not yours, and would automatically be assigned to that Affiliate permanently through the automated system.

Your best option to prevent this from happening would be to take advantage of the service to obtain a completely new domain name for your Affiliate Link, so you do NOT need to add your Unique ID extension at the end.

Your domain name would be a unique URL that only goes to your sales website. It cannot be mistaken, so it is your best protection against losing any potential clients.

Secure Independence would secure your assigned domain name, set up your website and the secure certificate. Then Secure Independence would manage and maintain your website and renew your domain annually, to be sure it is never lost.

This service costs only $5 per month, and is cheap "insurance" for your commissions, especially if you're planning on doing heavy promotion for the services.

Once you become an Affiliate, you'll be able to take advantage of this feature.

Click Here To register as an Affiliate/Reseller (100% Free - No Cost or Obligation)

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