Yes, It's 100% True and 100% FREE!
“We Will Produce a FREE CUSTOM VIDEO
from The Content of Your Website
and Post It on YouTube to Attract
Even More Traffic (Visitors) to Your Website!”
  • These Videos are NOT templates. Every Professional Quality Video is custom made specifically from the content of your website.

  • YouTube SEO is Included to Attract Viewers to Your Custom Video.

  • We Can Also Insert Your New Video on Your Website for FREE, if you like.
A video gives your website a distinct advantage over your competition. Studies have shown that more and more visitors to websites would rather watch a video and get a quick overview than to read lengthy copy.

Simply put, videos create more interest and are more entertaining. That means people will stay on your website longer, which is what Google wants.

The video we create for you are generally brief and will have a "call-to-action" directing the viewers to visit your website for more information.

The video is not designed to sell your products or services. It is designed to catch the attention of YouTube viewers and direct them to your website for full details of what you offer.
  • NO Obligations

  • NO Hidden Fees

  • NO Purchases of Any Kind Required - Ever!

  • You do NOT need to subscribe to our Search Engine Optimization service, however….once you see the Extra Special BONUS coming up, you may want to!
With this Special FREE Offer...

...there's nothing you need to do but send us your website address and your email address, so we can confirm your request and keep you informed of the progress on your video.

We'll review your website for the content we’ll use to create the script for your FREE Custom Video. Our goal is to make the viewer anxious to visit your website.

Please Note: It takes a considerable amount of time to create each custom video, and with an offer like this, at times we can get backed up. So please be patient while your video is being created. Thank you.

Here are a few samples of our videos, so you can see the quality of our work. Depending on the quality of the website we are dealing with, some videos are at a higher quality than others.

This Free Custom Video offer is available to ANY website with one exception.

We reserve the right to refuse any website at our discretion.
Why Are We Giving Away FREE Custom Videos?

We think it's one of the best ways to introduce you to our company and the services we offer.

The FREE Custom Videos we create for you (and any extra traffic we can drive to your website) are our gifts as a way of introducing you to who we are, what we do and the quality of our work.

When you become a client and we produce Custom Videos and put them on YouTube and your Website, it is just one of the more than 200 search engine, Google compliant marketing techniques we use to get you thousands of first page Google ranked positions for your website.
The FREE Custom Video we create for you is yours
with no strings attached.

There are three ways to take advantage of this FREE Custom Video Offer.

You'll see the buttons to make your choices at the bottom of this page.

1. If you're an existing client, you only need to request the FREE Custom Video by following the instructions in Choice One.

2. If you want to become a new client and take advantage of our Standard SEO Services Package AND add in the FREE Custom Video, you'll be choosing Choice Two.

NOTE: When you choose either Choice One or Choice Two, you are essentially super-charging your SEO because now you're taking advantage of BOTH search engines, Google and YouTube. (Both owned by Google.)

This will get you the maximum number of First Page Ranked Google Positions possible. When Google recognizes the connection between your website and your video, they generally help rank your video as well because it's to their advantage to do so.

3. You choose button Choice Three if you don't want anything more than just the FREE Custom Video that we'll produce and post on YouTube for you, as promised. You are NOT required to subscribe to our other SEO services, ever.

Here's a quick recap of the features of our Standard SEO Services Package to help you make your decision.

It's very simple and straightforward with our...
Double Your Money Back Performance Guarantee!

With our Proprietary Search Engine Optimization Methods -- if we do not achieve a MINIMUM of 2,000 First Page Ranked Positions on Google for your website within 60 days, you have the option to continue at the low $149 per month (less than $5.00 per day) - that lowers to $99 per month (only $3.30 per day) in six months...

...or we will issue you a refund of DOUBLE what you paid and close your account permanently.

To be very clear, if we don't meet the MINIMUM 2,000 First Page Ranked Positions on Google within the first 60 days, the $198 you paid over those two months turns into a $396 refund and we’ll part company and remain friends!

Either way, you win!

If we fall short of the 2,000 First Page Ranked Positions, you get to keep all the traffic and clicks you received in the first two months and get a full refund of the money you paid PLUS an extra $198 - with no strings attached!

It's that simple. Nothing complicated. We do ALL the work.

Our SEO subscription includes...
  • NO Contract - Cancel your subscription at any time

  • NO Startup or Extra Hidden Fees

  • Double Your Money Back Performance Guarantee

  • Monthly Progress Report showing you exactly how many
    first page ranked positions we have achieved for you - that you can verify.
And we're a company you can trust. While many SEO companies have come and gone over the years. we've been in business since 1987 and online since 1995.

We don't take chances with your website - or our reputation.

Our impeccable reputation is VERY important to us.

All our techniques are "White Hat" - Google "Terms of Service" Compliant.

We stand behind everything we do - 100%.

Okay, now let's reveal the first part of your Special BONUS!

It all has to do with a special feature built into every FREE Custom Video we produce, and what that feature can mean to you.

The feature we added is based on the fact that most of our new clients come to us as referrals from current satisfied clients.

Well, now with our FREE CUSTOM VIDEO program, we have created a way for our current clients - and website owners who are not our clients - to refer new potential clients to us effortlessly!

There's NOTHING for you to do but enjoy the extra traffic we're sending to your website from your new FREE Custom Video.

We help you get more traffic (visitors) to your website with the free video we create for you, and that very video can send us more potential clients automatically.

It all happens seamlessly at the end of each custom video where we subtly take credit with a "Special Link" for making the custom video for you for free.

We know that some viewers of your FREE Custom Video may want us to create a FREE Custom Video for them and all they have to do is use that "Special Link" to contact us.

That link will take them to our website for all the details.

It's that simple.

No sales pressure. No one ever says a word. No one has to sell anything to anyone. Everything is very low key.

That "Special Link" takes that person to our website where they can see what we're all about and contact us if they have questions.
Here's the Surprise Bonus for those who choose to become Subscribers...
You have the opportunity to get your monthly SEO for FREE.

It's our way of thanking YOU for taking advantage of our FREE Custom Video offer.

All you have to do is sit back and let your FREE Custom Video work for you in two ways:
  1. Get more traffic (visitors) to your website so you can make more sales and profits.

  2. Let others help pay some, or all of your small monthly subscription fee (which is only $149 per month that AUTOMATICALLY lowers to $99 per month after six months)!
So you see...
...we have a vested interest in the success of your business because
your success can lead to more success for us. We're helping each other!

The more we promote your YouTube Video, (and your actual website, when you become a client) the more credits you can earn toward your monthly subscription fee -- even to the point of covering it 100%!

And it all happens AUTOMATICALLY from that last slide on your FREE Custom Video!

This is truly a win-win situation. You get more traffic to your website from your new FREE Custom Video, and we could get more new clients in the process.

How will we know what customers belong to you?

When we produce your FREE Custom Video, there is a "Special Link" is assigned specifically to you that appears on the final slides.

If a visitor views your FREE Custom Video and types that unique link into their web browser, we know they came from you.

Now that may not mean much to you quite yet, however, when you choose to take your Search Engine Optimization Services to the next level by becoming a paying subscriber and getting everything we listed above, this little feature can be VERY beneficial to you.

As a paying client, every time a person clicks on your "Special Link" at the end of your Custom Video and becomes a client, we will credit your account with a MONTHLY DISCOUNT off the price of your monthly SEO!

This means, once they come into our system, they are registered to your account permanently.

No matter when they come to us to get started with our services, you will get credited with that client.

And here's the best part - even more protection to make sure you get the credit for any new client that comes to us from your video!

Our system is based on a "first come first credited" basis.

We track the very first link that person clicked on, so it doesn't matter when that person comes on board, the very first person gets the monthly credit towards their advertising.

In other words, if they do not become a client directly from their first contact through your Video, and see another client's Video and put in their link...


To put it another way, the sooner you get your FREE Custom Video, the more likely you are to start earning credits toward your monthly subscription and eventually even more services.

If enough new clients come on board with us from your unique identifying number, you could effectively get your low monthly subscription fee reduced to $0, getting your full SEO work done for free!

And it gets even better!

If your unique identifying link brings in enough new clients for us, and your credits exceed the cost of your regular monthly subscription, the credits could accrue to take advantage of our other options like:
  • Free On site Optimization

  • Free Social Media Advertising

  • Free Facebook Advertising

  • Free Pay Per Click.
And the best part is, you didn't have to do a thing to generate the business.
You never have to talk to anyone or try to sell anything.

"We Do It All for You" directly on your video in that last scene!
You get the discount credits and watch your monthly subscription cost go down.

Please click on the button of your choice and then enter your web address and email address...

I am an existing client. Please use my ID on my Free Custom Video, so that referrals give me discount credits towards my monthly subscription fees.

I understand, when the discount credits exceed my monthly subscription fee, those credits will automatically go toward other services you have available such as: Free Offsite Optimization, Free Onsite Optimization, Free Social Media, Free Facebook Advertising, and Free Pay Per Click.

I see how your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service, combined with my FREE CUSTOM VIDEO, affords me the MAXIMUM traffic possible to my website – so I will be subscribing to your Top10orFree SEO Service.

After I submit my video request, I'll click on the "Order Now" at the top of this page and place my order.

When you get my order, please use my ID so I can have any discount credits from my FREE Custom Video referrals go to my account towards my monthly subscription fees.

I understand, when the discount credits exceed my monthly subscription fee, those credits will automatically go toward other services you have available such as: Free Offsite Optimization, Free Onsite Optimization, Free Social Media, Free Facebook Advertising, and Free Pay Per Click.

I do not want to take advantage of your service at this time. Just create my FREE Custom Video please.

I am requesting this custom video with the understanding that Secure Independence Inc.will be using pictures and content directly from my website. I hereby confirm that all of the material on my website is not in violation of any copyright or trademark infringement of any kind. This is true for any pictures, words, intellectual material, symbols, logos, or any other proprietary material owned by anyone other than myself. I understand that if there is a violation, I am fully responsible for any and all charges, damages, legal issues, and any and all legal fees that are brought to the attention of Secure Independence Inc. at any time by the owner and/or agent, representative, or legal counsel of said copyrighted/trademarked material. I agree that Secure Independence Inc. will not be held responsible at any time, in any way, for any issues related to any trademark/copyright violations.

Web Address

Email Address

If you have any questions or need assistance,
please contact us at:

Phone (702) 313-6000 or (800) 404-1234
or Email

FULL DISCLOSURE: With this FREE Custom Video Offer, there is NO OBLIGATION for you to ever purchase any products or services from us. This Custom Video Offer is our gift to you. We hope you come back for more great SEO services, but it is never a requirement.
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