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- Secure Independence is considered the first page Google expert when you compare SEO prices, the amount of work we do, the results you get, all backed by a Special Performance Guarantee.

Getting Started - After filling out your order, you are asked to fill out a brief questionnaire. You would let us know if you're looking for local, national, or international clients. You can also give us any keyword phrases you want us to work on for your campaign.

Major Advantage of OUR Service - Not only can you submit phrases when you get started, you can also submit as many phrases as you want any time in the future at no additional cost. This added benefit is simply unheard of in this industry.

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The chart below lists some of the services we provide.

Services Provided
Create keyword phrases, titles and descriptions for maximum effectiveness. After we receive your phrases, our experienced staff does additional extensive research to determine the keyword phrases that will make up your search engine marketing base. We choose specific keyword phrases that our research tells us will get your rankings in the highest positions possible, and getting the greatest amount of traffic in the quickest time. We'll not only study your website, we'll often study your competitor's web site. Your successful competitors leave lots of telltale clues simply by having their website online. These clues can't be seen by the untrained eye, but can't be hidden from competent search engine marketing professionals like our staff. We use all the tools in our marketing arsenal to show the search engines YOU deserve higher ranked positions than your competitors do. After your list is completed, we email you a copy of it so you know exactly what we will be working on.
Optimize those key phrases for "Maximum Keyword Density." Sure it may be complicated for the regular website owner, but for our trained staff, it's just an important part of what we do for you.
Submit our work manually to the major search engines maintaining the guidelines prescribed by each one. This speeds up the time frame for the search engines to recognize your website.
Submit our work to smaller search engines with state-of-the-art, proprietary automated software. This is an added step we do to get your website recognized by more than just the Top 10 Search Engines.
We Submit to Search Engine Directories. Directories are an additional vehicle used to help increase your online visibility for greater success.
Build in-bound contextual links from high trust flow and high domain authority sites to your website using our exclusive, in-house, proprietary system. This builds what is known as "link popularity," one of the most important factors search engines use to determine your placement in their search results. While following search engine guidelines, your links are added using a precise formula so we can maximize the speed at which we build your links. In addition, our exclusive system continues to build links on a monthly basis.
Build specific pages for first page Google and all the other search engines to help your rankings get top placement in these search engines. These pages are built with dense key phrases, using valuable content from your website to zero in on your specific category. Our staff is not restricted to any specific number of pages they can build for you. We build as many pages as it takes to accomplish your Top 10 Rankings and get you the Traffic your website needs. This powerful technique helps the search engines weigh the relevancy of our content to get you the best placement possible. IMPORTANT: These additional pages DO NOT change any of your existing pages.
Monitor the monthly activity to your website on a consistent basis. This important process helps us determine what adjustments we need to make to effectively help eliminate your competition.
We create and maintain your social media for you. We manage and put entries into your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts multiple times every week. We also do Facebook advertising for you.
We provide FREE Monthly Reports proving your Ranked Positions - and your Traffic! These reports serve several purposes. They show YOU the exact Top 10 ranked positions you hold and which search engines you're ranked in, and they tell you how much traffic (free clicks) you've had from those rankings. They show exactly how your marketing dollars are working for you. These reports also tell us how effective our work is and what more we need to do to help you produce the best results.
Other companies have charged this amount and more and do NOT have our Unlimited Rankings Program to help you achieve unprecedented, Unlimited Top 10 Ranked Search Engine Positions in ALL the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing that can lead to Unlimited
FREE Traffic
to your website for more profits!

First Month

PLUS Ongoing monthly maintenance fees of approximately $1,500

The above listed items are just a few of the many services we offer
and we charge far less than any other company.

And ALL Clicks from Google, Yahoo and Bing are absolutely FREE!

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